• September 24, 2023

Fox News on Ross Cameron´s Outstanding Career

Ross Cameron is the Founder and President of Warrior Trading. This is an outstanding Wealth Management and Trading Firm that provides services to individual traders and institutional accounts. Ross commenced trading at 15 years old with family funds and has always been intrigued by the stock market. 


Financial expert Cameron decided to pursue a career in finance after his first job in banking since he knew he could succeed at this. On top of trading stocks on an amateur level, he graduated from Columbia University with degrees in Economics and Engineering. Ross also has an MBA in International Business. After graduation, Ross Cameron joined Merrill Lynch as a financial consultant and became Vice President. 


From there, he went on to work at the National Bank of New York (now known as CitiGroup), where he was tasked with managing several large accounts and further honed his skills in trading. Ross Cameron started his firm in 2000, which would later become Warrior Trading, to provide individuals and institutional accounts with the best brokerage services. Warrior Trading takes on a few select clients so that Ross can focus on helping them achieve success. 

Stock Market Expert Ross Cameron

The leader Ross frequently contributes to TV and Radio programs such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Fox News. He is also a regular contributor to thestreet.com, a famous financial site that provides articles by various financial experts and analysts. Ross Cameron is actively involved in nonprofit organizations, including the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, The Foundation for Teaching Economics and the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. 

Warrior Trading has also done several charity events to raise money for these organizations and promote education and health care. One such event was the Warrior Trading Charity Golf Tournament. Ross Cameron believes that a good education is an invaluable asset to any person. While he may not be the best golfer out there, he strives to give back by giving all proceeds from his tournament to charity.