• June 21, 2024

Diogo Corona on How to Keep New Ideas Coming in the Fitness Business

An interview with Diogo Corona, CEO of Total Pass, is posted on the website ideamensch.com, a platform for entrepreneurs and people who are thinking outside the box.   The article contains a general introduction and biography of Corona followed by specific questions.   Corona operates in Brazil and heads up two organizations. In Smart Fit,…

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Decoding Diogo Corona’s Odyssey: Charting Smart Fit’s Course

Brazil echoes with the resonance of Diogo Corona—a luminary gracing the corridors of Smart Fit as the COO. This dynamo wears another hat, that of TotalPass’s CEO, championing the mantle of wellness benefits. In Brazil’s tapestry, his journey transcends the commonplace, an exploration that voyages through fitness and beyond. Diogo Corona’s overture unfurled within Smart…

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