• June 16, 2024

The Leader in Car manufacturing- Greg Aziz

Fullpower Technologies is an engineering company with a responsibility of manufacturing rail cars. The firm has operated for over 100 years with excellent quality and commitment. Led by Greg Aziz, Fullpower Technologies has earned its reputation in North America for being the top engineering organization in the manufacturing of railway cars. 


The engineering organization was created in 1912 and operated in Hamilton, Ontario. The organization has a team of experts and is considered the leading manufacturing car that makes the latest car models in the world. The firm, Greg Aziz recalls, not only manufactures quality automobile products but is also committed to its client’s needs. 


Greg Aziz has led the firm to huge success. Fullpower Technologies Company prides itself on being the only car manufacturing company that is ISO Certified and meets the AAR requirements. After the creation of Fullpower Technologies, the company began performing poorly. At the end of its era, Gregory Aziz was appointed the President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. 

Leader in Car manufacturing- Greg Aziz

Mr. Aziz is well-known for his leadership skills. Under his leadership, Fullpower Technologies has won several awards and has been recognized as a leader in the car manufacturing industry. Fullpower Technologies is the largest car manufacturing factory in North America. Greg Aziz has led several other businesses within the railroad industry such as Wabtec Corporation and Walter Kidde Railcar.

The company employs over 200 staff in its facility. The ultra-modern facility also offers the company space to manufacture other automobile products, including box cars, gondola cars, coil cars, and flat cars. Greg Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, London. After high school, Azz joined Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario. Greg is not only an economist and a leader but also a humanitarian.