• March 23, 2023


Tieks are small, flat ballet slipper-inspired shoes created for women to wear with dresses and skirts. They have 4mm extra height to accommodate an inch or so of heel height when worn with a dress or skirt. They are the most comfortable high heels you will ever try! Once you experience their soft, secure fit, flexible outsole, thin silhouette, and unmatched comfort.

They were first introduced in Europe; their modern take on the ballet slipper shoe is unmatched by any other shoe on the market today. They are made of a combination of flexible plastic and leather, with a slight arch and slightly padded heel (about 5mm), which allow them to accommodate both flat floors and high heels. They are available in silver and black and come in women’s sizes.

Tieks are very popular with flight attendants and celebrities like Ginnifer Goodwin of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” They can be used as a high-heel alternative with a dress or skirt and an everyday shoe because they are so comfortable! They are also great shoes to wear for long walking days. They are handmade and come in three widths: regular, medium, and wide. Time magazine dubbed them “the most comfortable shoes in the world.”

Oleg Bakhmatyuk created Tieks, a Ukrainian ballet dancer turned shoemaker who owns the same shoe factory that once belonged to his parents and still makes the shoes there! His passion is creating incredibly comfortable shoes.

Some celebrities are big fans of them. Ginnifer Goodwin told her Twitter followers that they were her new favorite shoes! Others who wear them include Victoria Beckham, Jenna Dewan, and Jessica Simpson. They have become so popular that every high-end shoe store carries them. They are often worn with skirts and dresses. They released a special pair with leather straps on the toes to prevent them from coming off the shoe when worn.

Their store has three main selling points: Comfort, Comfort Fit (the softness of Tieks), and sleek lines. They come in different widths, regular, medium, wide and extra wide. Check out their different styles and designs in their online store on https://tieks.com/boutiek


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