• June 16, 2024

Tanner Winterhof Focuses on AG Tech

Tanner Winterhof has spent a great part of his life focusing on the tech that agriculture uses to profit. For example, he has channeled the experiences he absorbed while growing up on a swine farm in the north of Iowa. The tech that was used by his family became the basis of a fascination. 


Tanner Winterhof has turned this into a lifetime of profits. Not long after he graduated from high school, he became a student at the AIB College of Business. It was here that he managed to receive a bachelor’s in the area of business administration.                              Tanner Winterhof´s Farming Podcast


He also followed this up with a similar degree that specialized in financial services in order to improve all his farming ventures. It was clear from even this early age where the ex Ames Chamber member’s interests lay. It should be noted for the record that Tanner Winterhof has become a graduate of the Iowa Bankers Association. 


A series of degrees from other institutions soon followed. He has also garnered a series of degrees from the Commercial Credit School. According to Tanner Winterhof, these are serious and special distinctions that are not shared by very many of his erstwhile peers.

Tanner Winterhof absorbed all of this knowledge in a very special and unique manner; after receiving it, he internalized it in a new way. He has transformed it into the basis from which he is able to assess new means of profit. His superior knowledge of farm tech has become the basis by which he has gotten involved in the management of this new and exciting industry.