• June 21, 2024

Stitch Fix: Dressing for Resorts in Style

Stitch Fix has long been a leading member of the fashion industry. The experts from this long running firm have contributed a number of tips that are geared toward resort wear. Although intended largely for men, there are certain aspects that may also be appreciated by women as well. The emphasis is on choosing the proper fashion for men’s holidays.


As Stitch Fix and others can attest, this is no laughing matter. Members of the male sex have often been illy served when it comes to proper fashion advice for resorts. Rather than assign blame, the intention should be to pleasantly correct. This is aid and counsel that comes in the nick of time. Resort season is almost upon us. 


Resort wear is also often known as cruise wear. Put simply, it’s the kind of stuff that men wear while on vacation. This can be on cruises and other vacation jaunts; according to Stitch Fix, it’s the kind of wardrobe that was made famous by elite members of the jet set. 


However, it has since trickled down to members of the general public. The main cue for resort wear has always been along the lines of short pants, T-shirts, and short-sleeve button-down shirts. According to the Stitch Fix blog, these will normally come in the form of seasonally lightweight fabrics. 


Most items of resort wear can be identified easily due to their plethora of colorful hues. The main fabrics to be spotted will be cotton and linen. Anything along these lines will serve as excellent examples of fashionable resort wear, Stitch Fix fashion blog finally states.