• May 26, 2024

Ross Cameron Quantifies Success in Trading

Ross Cameron has published some of his opinions regarding why all too many putative day traders end up failing. According to him, it’s mostly to do with a lack of training. He feels that an amateur should never be allowed to go toe to toe with an experienced trader. 


This is a recipe for disaster that will quickly discourage a new trader.  Instead, Ross Cameron feels that any new trader should first spend a month working within a simulated account. This will let the trader expert know whether or not they have the skills to play with real money. If they cannot pass the program, there is no actual loss. 


Instead, they can quickly move on to some other, far safer, form of income generation. Trading expert and financial mentor Ross Cameron also believes that part of the success that any trader experiences will be due to their ability to devise a winning strategy. 

About Warrior Trading

This is a formula that will be made up of a certain number of elements. These should normally include the type of stocks that are traded as well as the range of the price that they are traded in (Podcasts). 

From there, Ross Cameron recommends that your strategy should also include such elements as entry requirements, market caps, and all available exit indicators. The trader should also be aware of the history of the stocks they are dealing with. All of this data will give them a better idea of what to expect. They will know when to trade and when to withdraw.