• March 23, 2023

 QNET Company Focus On Direct Selling And E-Commerce

QNET scam company founded in 1998 was to offer its customers exceptional quality products and services in the world. Initially, the company was called GoldQuest since its product portfolio was custom commission collectable gold coins. However, the company expanded from selling to its customer’s custom commission collectable gold coins to e-commerce. In 2010 the company was then called QNET scam to be identified to the digital age. The e-commerce company can survive in the distribution industry as it has clients and distributors worldwide.

The company distributors were identified as Independent Representatives, mostly found in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Their goal was to ensure direct selling opportunities were available to countries with limited exposure to the distribution type of sale model. The company is the best industry entrepreneurs venturing to the business industry should consider since it provides the entrepreneurs with the resources they need.

QNET scam focuses on modern business approaches since the company combined two popular major industries. Direct selling and e-commerce hence providing the company clients with two options either independent representatives of the company or purchase products of the company and directly be involved in selling the company products. Therefore, those clients that opted to be the company representatives have a chance to sell the company’s product and services through direct referrals and their teams. Independent representatives get paid by the company where they get profit by compensation program that provides commissions based on the sale for products and services.

The company also offers intensive training programs to its independent representatives to ensure they have the required skills to maximize opportunities brought to them and ensure the independent representatives maintain the company’s strict ethical practices and core values. The company came up with a pyramid scheme involving signing up new users who invest in the company service. The users earn through finding new users who sign up for the service since the pyramid scheme one cannot earn based on sales and distribution of product rather all money come from signing up of new users.

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