• June 21, 2024

Nick Millican Shares Concerning the Ecclesiastical Insurance Trend

Real estate agent Nick Millican comments on the UK´s current house trends. Ecclesiastical Insurance recently warned owners of sprawling estates about the risks of renting their properties for television and film productions. In a guidance notice titled, “Filming in Heritage Buildings,” Ecclesiastical outlined several adverse outcomes.

These outcomes result from using these properties for backdrops and sets, Nick Millican recalls. The insurer emphasized that they weren’t recommending refusal of opportunities to make money. Instead, they want owners to appropriately protect interests with extensive agreements and contracts that address possible negative events that can damage a property and result in costly repairs.

Also, decrease or increase visitors or public interest, and ruin the reputation of the property, the owner, or the associated brand. The Drayton House in Northamptonshire provides an excellent example of why these recommendations have become necessary. The owner of the 127-room mansion received a “generous fee” to put towards the costs of the property’s general upkeep in exchange for allowing filming of “Saltburn.” Yet, Nick Millican reports, specific scenes and the film’s popularity have caused problems. 

The owner has stated that they believed the location would remain private, Nick Millican replies concerning this. Moviegoers quickly recognised it, and viral videos on TikTok and other social platforms caused a massive, unapproved influx of trespassers hoping to gain free access to create selfies and videos.

The film also depicted explicit scenes that some owners might not want associated with their estates. Ecclesiastical noted another grave concern that individuals and companies often fail to address with owners, Nick Millican finally states. An estate insurer might not cover damage associated with these specific commercial activities, especially if the owner allows alterations that change the property’s value or impact the efficiency of fire and intruder detection sensors and alarms.