• July 19, 2024

Nick Millican: Are Ghost Listings on the Rise?

Many of the top real estate experts in the U.K. are taking note of a very interesting trend. According to the testimony of Nick Millican and others, “ghost” listings may well be on the rise. This seems to be a trend that is baffling even the most real estate seasoned experts. The reasons why can be briefly explained but may well never be fully understood. 


The main details of the case, as outlined by real estate expert Nick Millican and others, is that a series of listings seem to appear from nowhere. This is happening at the same time that the housing market in the U.K. becomes harder to navigate. The precise issue is that an increasing number of supposed “ghost” listings are popping up on portals.


This is the issue that an increasing number of sellers and agencies are facing, Nick Millican informs. The listings that pop up on various online housing sites often contain little or no information. For example, they may or may not contain images or floorplans. Many of them will not furnish a clearly listed address. 


Expert Nick Millican explains about this. As they appear, it becomes evident that the seller wants to remain anonymous. Even as they pop up in the online listings, the properties are still marked as “off market.” 

This is a paradox that seems to enable sellers to offload their properties in the most private manner yet, Nick Millican finally states. But is this a trend that can prove to be sustainable once the public has caught on to it? The answer to this question is yet to be revealed.