• May 30, 2023

Managing Your Lease Information The Smarter Way With Hughes Marino

The need to keep up with your lease agreement information cannot be overstated. Seeing that your lease makes up a big part of your expenses, it is best to ensure that you pay what you should and at the stated date. This, according to Hughes Marino representation firm´s specialists. There are two ways you can choose to monitor your lease information:


  1.  The Microsoft Excel Way 


Microsoft Excel is the most widely used tool for tracking their lease information. This program works when you have a standard lease for one or two locations. You can utilize up to eight columns to capture the relevant dates and terms of the lease, Hughes Marino specialists add. However, Microsoft Excel has its shortcomings which include:


  • The sheets must be updated, which may not always be possible for busy managers.
  • You may pay for lease-related expenses that you are not supposed to due to errors in the invoice sent by the property manager.
  • It is cumbersome and insufficient to track important lease information for multiple properties.


  1.  The Hughes Marino Way


Working with qualified lease advisors is the most brilliant way to manage your lease information. Here are some reasons to work with Hughes Marino as your lease administration advisor;


  • The team is professionally qualified to handle lease agreement details and capture vital clauses.
  • They can easily monitor and identify lease errors that, when left unsolved, could lead to substantial losses.
  • As Hughes Marino adds, they compare the invoice sent by the property manager with the terms and conditions of the lease to ensure that you are correctly billed.
  • The lease is backed to a secure cloud using the best lease administration software.
  • This lease administration software makes it possible to retrieve information faster and securely while providing reminders for vital dates, terms, and conditions.


Hughes Marino has an unblemished track record as a trusted advisor for land and property matters, including sale-leaseback transactions, lease restructuring, lease auditing, and accounting and portfolio lease advisory.