• March 23, 2023

Krishen Iyer´s Steps to Success

Krishen Iyer is a successful businessman who was born in India and migrated to the US. He came from an Indian village that had three classrooms in total, so he is no stranger to hard work starting from a young age. Krishen started his career in marketing, eventually founding his own company “Krishen Iyer”.


Since then, he has expanded himself into multidimensional businesses including smart property, book publishing, and ursacalpingradentalservices.com. He has also been on TV shows and is a regular commentator on various business news channels in the US. Krishen Iyer´s  success is attributed to his drive, ambition, and perseverance as he says in his book Five Steps to Success. 


In his book, Krishen discusses how he managed to grow a multimillion-dollar business from scratch with minimal experience by following simple steps: 1. Identify the problem2. Create solutions for them. 3. Consultants 4. ProspectsReview of Steps to Success: The First Step. Krishen Iyer advises you to identify the ProblemKrishen starts his book off with a simple story about how he started his career at the age of 12. He says that he used to work 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays. He says that he was driven by ambition and passion which ultimately drove him to start making money in real life at such a tender age.


Krishen then goes on to discuss how he grew up in a small village in India with only 3 classrooms. There were a total of around 100 students who studied there, and most of them had to share textbooks, which as you can probably imagine was frustrating and extremely limiting.The Second Step is Create Solutions for Them. After Krishen Iyer gives a brief description of how he started, he moves on to what he considers to be the most important step in creating a successful business. The third step is Consultants. 


Krishen Iyer further discusses how as he got older, he started to build his team. He did this by utilizing the skills of one of his friends who would go on to found a company called “Ibu.”Krishen says that it’s important to have a large network of people before you can even start making money. 

Krishen advises that you should always be looking for new ways to leverage the contacts you already have by including them in your business instead of just asking them for moneyThe fourth step is to ProspectsNow. It was when Krishen Iyer and his friend had a driving business, they needed to find new ways to attract prospects and customers. Krishen decided to start offering unique services or products and then started building relationships with the customers by showing them the results and benefits of it.