• February 2, 2023

Investments linking Reeve Benaron to Intrivo company

Reeve Benaron is a high-profile investor and an international business leader serving as the CEO of Intrivo company. He has excelled in his career as an angel investor through investing in various industries. The entrepreneur has demonstrated a significant devotion to the tech world in the past, and he contributes immensely to the health industry today.


Healthcare expert Reeve Benaron has led IntrivoHealth Company in building a reputable profile during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. The institution has collaborated with other bodies to deliver home self-testing services to Americans, an approach that has proven significant convenience recently. 


Understanding the APP-based testing technology 

The need to introduce a technology that allows Americans to monitor their Covid status was weighty as the cases continued to rise. According to Reeve Benaron, the use of Apps to conduct testing is accurate as it features a step-by-step guide, reducing chances of messing up the results. The applications keep correct records plus symptoms, making it effortless to monitor the progress. 


Intrivo and other companies providing digital testing services maintain that the technology is viable for testing the omicron variant, which is hard to detect, as Reeve Benaron states. The convenience of accessing coronavirus tests at home allows Americans to avoid crowding and get quick results before experiencing severe symptoms. 

Up to now, the companies provide clear information on their websites on how to place orders. Proud of the progress, the business mentor began his leadership roles when young by becoming the vice president of the Salomon Brothers at 25 years. Reeve Benaron was among the youngest serving executive leaders in the financial industry. His professional network allowed him to become a co-founder of Bear Industries, a leading real estate company in South California.