• March 23, 2023

IM Academy – An Authentic Online Forex Trading Education Platform

Forex Trading is among the best ways to make money online. However, you must be skilled and well-informed to succeed. There are many Forex trading academies and trainers worldwide. Most have taken advantage of the high demand and scammed many. To be safe, consider IM Academy for the best education and training. It’s among the most popular and revered online Forex Trading educational platforms.

IM leverages live interactive content with a vast library of app-based and pre-recorded data. It offers four basic learning modules called academies. Every academy concludes with a quiz to gauge whether students understood the course. A student must pass the test to proceed to the next academy. Students have unlimited access to IM Educators whenever their subscription is active. They’re also free to download digital and pre-recorded content for reference purposes.

The IM Academy’s Pricing for Educational Services

IM Academy charges an initial $234 and monthly subscriptions of $174 for each academy. They also have an elite academy package for an initial $324 and $274 monthly subscriptions. Read on to learn more about the Elite Bundle Package.

Elite Academy

It’s a discounted bundle package that allows you to buy all the four basic academies at a bundle discount. It offers the bundled package at a 54% discount on the initial subscription and 48% on the monthly subscriptions. It saves a lot compared to buying academies individually.

Option Add-Ons

IM Academy provides add-ons on special higher classes at any point of your subscription. The add-on modules offer an in-depth view of specialized areas after students master the basics and get interested in some areas. They incorporate some add-ons in the four basic academies. However, students can buy them on a stand-alone basis at any academy.

IM Academy has been operating since 2013 and has proven authentic. If you’re interested in Forex trading, join them for the best results. Their products and services are worthwhile and feasible. See this page to watch some of their videos.


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