• December 9, 2022

How The Appointment of Ross Levinsohn as the Sports Illustrated CEO Aligns With the Company Rebranding

Ross Levinsohn Maven, a company that majors in publications like the street and sports illustrated is in the middle of rebranding. The company recently made several changes at the company which they believe are going to help refocus and change the course of the company. First, the company has rebranded and changed its name to the Arena Media group. Together with this change, the company is also bringing in new management at its higher ranks to suit the current needs and demands of its rebrand. The Arena Media group has appointed Ross Levinsohn as the new sports illustrated CEO bringing to an end the leadership of Mr. Heckman the longtime leader of the brand.

The change at the top of the company leadership is not the only change which is going on at Maven. The company has also embarked on other changes including a complete refocusing of the company. After many years, Maven is now configuring its business around finance and sports categories. These changes at the company are intended to help chat a new path for the company which will lead it to new fortunes after some time.

This is why they have brought in new sports illustrated CEO. This new CEO, Ross Levinsohn is the man trusted by the company to lead this new change and eventually take Maven to a new level. Mr. Ross is a seasoned manager with an incredible management record having occupied top positions at the helm of different companies. Mr. Ross has worked with Yahoo and other companies before. Throughout his management career, Mr. Ross has helped companies grow and attain their goals at the right time. He is set to work with the outgoing Sports Illustrated CEO to help fast-track the company’s strategic goals.

The company is also channeling more finances and resources to its course to make the rebranding process easy. With Mr. Ross now leading as the sports illustrated CEO, it is expected that the company will undergo the rebranding process successfully without a hitch.