• February 25, 2024

Happy Joe’s Malaysian Restaurant

Happy Joe’s is a pizzeria franchise that offers individual pizzas, along with a variety of other dishes. Joe’s offers cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, ham and pineapple pizza, Caesar salad, and breadsticks in addition to its regular menu. Each pizza has its unique taste, as well as toppings. Customers have the option to order their pizza with or without yeast or to order a thin crust, regular or double dough. Happy Joe revolutionizes nutrition by offering pizzas with a variety of different kinds of crusts. In addition to the traditional toppings, Happy Joe’s also offers unique toppings such as smoked salmon, toasted garlic, and prosciutto ham.

All About Happy Joe´s

  1. New Franchisees in Illinois


Franchisees are starting to open and operate new franchises in Illinois. This is a large step towards the international success of Happy Joe’s. The pizza parlor has signed agreements with four new franchisees. Three of them will be opening their first pizza restaurant, while one is expanding to a second location. This month, Happy Joe’s is expecting the opening of nine new restaurants.


  1. International Expansion – Award-Winning Recipe


Happy Joe’s is planning to expand worldwide, adding more than a hundred new restaurants. Happy Joe’s has recently decided to introduce their first international territory by signing an agreement with a local investor in Malaysia. It is planned that the Malaysian restaurant will be opened within six months. Happy Joe’s already has a successful presence in Japan and Singapore as well.


Happy Joe´s Kids Foundation

  1. New Products


Happy Joe’s is planning on launching new products that will be offered in their restaurants. The pizza parlor is planning to launch new sandwiches, pasta, and salads. The new additions will be added to their unlimited salads and sandwiches menu, to attract customer attention and increase customer loyalty. 

The American Pizza Parlor has also recently added the Caesar Salad to their menu, further increasing customer interest and sales. This month, Happy Joe’s will open new restaurants in Illinois, sign new franchisees for worldwide expansion, and launch new products. These activities will contribute to the further growth of Happy Joe’s.