• December 9, 2022

Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes is the general manager at Council Advisors and the president of The Council, a practice geared at senior leaders. Haynes was a founding member of Council Advisors after spending over twenty years with McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm. His resume includes stints as a software developer for the CIA, a design engineer, and marketing specialist for GE Plastics, and a hedge fund analyst for Point72 Asset Management in the United States.

Doug held the role of Senior Associate at McKinsey & Company before coming to Point72. During his tenure, he handled the Operations department in every area of the world outside of the Northeastern United States. Doug co-founded McKinsey’s innovation services division and was a leader for the organization in the High Technology industry. Moreover, he was a key figurehead in McKinsey’s innovation services group. Doug was also a senior consultant for McKinsey’s financial services division. Before earning his MBA, Doug served as an engineer for GE’s Plastics Business Association and a computer programmer for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Doug’s graduate studies continued throughout this period

Doug is committed to many altruistic causes, including alleviating poverty, helping veterans, and improving access to quality education. In addition to his service in the Cohen Veterans, he served as a founding executive for the Cohen Veterans Network, the Cohen Veterans Bioscience Institute, and the Cohen Veterans Center for International Enterprise. He has served on the committee of Camp Southern Ground in Atlanta and the Robin Hood Foundation in New York. He is a consultant with the likes of ChainIQ, FRISQ, Vega Factor, and Obsidian Capital Management, among other cutting-edge businesses.

Doug Haynes has been on the boards of directors of Singtel Company, Villanova University, and the Canterbury School. He has advised the Darden Graduate School of Commerce, Villanova University, the Canterbury School, and the Randolph Macon Institute. He’s also a former Canterbury School’s board of trustees member. Doug received a Shermet Scholarship and enrolled in the Darden School of Business Administration. Later, he got a degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University. He and his wife, Laurice, are now long-term residents of the Scarborough neighborhood of New York City.