• July 3, 2022

Doug Haynes, a Philanthropist

DoughDoug Haynes is a managing partner, council advisor, and the President of The Council. Previously, he served as an executive director in one of the best hedge funds companies in the United States; the Point72 Asset Management group. He has also used the last time in his career to offer advice to both public and private enterprises. Moreover, he is an active humanitarian; he helps companies involved in charity activities in society. These are in areas like education, eradicating poverty, and supporting the people who have been affected by any calamity, for example, famine, war, and many others.

Doug Haynes is a technological scholar; he pursued Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia University and graduated. Also, he graduated as a ‘Shermet scholar’ from Darden Graduate School. After completing his studies, he worked as a software developer at the Central Intelligence Agency and as a marketing professional and design engineer for GE Plastics. In 1992, Doug joined ‘McKnsey & Company.’ Through his membership, he made the company develop more in Operations, High Technology, and Basic Materials at the company. He was a member of the firm’s offices in Atalanta, London, and New York. In addition, before retiring from the firm, he had been the leader in the Northeast Region.

Currently, Doug is a managing partner of ‘The Council Advisors and the council’s president. Moreover, founding member of ‘Cohen Veteran Network,’ ‘Cohen Veteran Bioscience, and ‘The Center for Global Enterprise.’ Also, he is a member of the board at Robin Hood Foundation, New York, and Camp Southern Ground in Georgia. Doug also serves on boards of companies beginning to deal with technology. He has worked for a Swiss Logistics provider, ‘ChainIQ,’ ‘FRISQ’- a Swedish firm dealing with health services, and ‘Obsidian Asset Management’- which deals with research and investments.

Also, Haynes has served as an advisor to various organizations like Cantebury School, Singlet Corporation, Villanova University, and Darden Graduate School of Business. Mr. Doug’s love for humanity is unmeasurable; he loves transformation in society. He offers advice to his executives and individuals, and the public on how they can manage themselves in this changing world of business and technology. Also, he does support organizations in charity services of serving humanity.