• July 19, 2024

Contact Nick Millican for the Latest in Advice Concerning London Real Estate

An article in The Standard under Home & Property tackles the issue of coming up with sufficient funds to make a deposit to buy real estate. According to real estate expert Nick Millican, this is a problem in London, the home of this website.


The title of the article is “First-time buyer schemes: five ways to buy in London without a deposit, Nick Millican informs. It points out that the average deposit on real estate is close to one-third of the purchase price. Needless to say, that takes many people out of the buyer’s market. 


One option is Deposit Unlock. It requires only a five percent deposit but the buyer must use a certain builder and lender. HomeNow involves a person finding a property they like. Nick Millican recalls how HomeNow buys the property and rents it to the person who is able to treat the dwelling as their own. After five years the tenant gets one-third of the equity to use as a deposit.


Save To Buy is a scheme for first-time buyers. They occupy a just built property but instead of paying rent their payments accumulate to create a deposit. According to Nick Millican, there are two other schemes, but all involve allowing the buyer to build up a deposit while still living in a property.


Anyone in the greater London area looking for advice about considering one or more of the above could contact investment manager Nick Millican since the reliable agent he has a long record with extensive experience in that real estate market. He is beyond an expert. Millican is just the right person who would provide knowledgeable information about the problems surrounding posting a deposit.