• March 23, 2023

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Venus Nicolino

Growing up in a 600 square foot house with six individuals and a German Shepherd in West Philly is the best preparation for a PhD in Clinical Psychology. So far as we know, Dr. Venus Nicolino has taken this route. Her mother never finished high school, and her father worked as a mechanic on old Chevys. 


Clinical psychologist Dr. Venus Nicolino heeded the work ethic that told her to rely on herself in the event that no one else was willing to assist her. That irreverent attitude is what sets her apart as she dives deeper and deeper into the world of self-help books. A genuine desire for help from people with real troubles is welcomed. 


As one of the “five books that will change your life,” Dr. Venus Nicolino released a #1 best-seller, Bad Advice: How to Keep alive and Thrive in an Age Of Bullsh*t. Her new genre of self-help, Nobody’s an Expert, has shook up the modern self-help world (Amazon). 


One day at a time, she’s dismantling the theories of gurus and life experts, and she’s doing it early and often. Dr. Venus Nicolino has also appeared in more than 100 television shows. People are drawn to her strong personality, which is complemented by her working-class upbringing, and she is now regarded as one of psychology’s most innovative and forward-thinking figures. 

As a mental health professional, the doctor is all company and has the documentation to back it up. A Master of Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology are among the top notch counselor degrees. If you’re looking for help with your ears, psychologist Dr. Venus Nicolino appears to be everywhere, from social media to television, radio, and print.