• September 24, 2023

Barry Lall; Renowned Author

Barry Lall is the author of “The 34 Best Websites To Learn Something New” and is a writer for the “TechCrunch” website. He is also the editor-in-chief of “Mashable”.

Barry Lall, a Forbes contributor, will present his list on how to quickly achieve learning anything new in just a matter of minutes.

Barry Lall became a well-known name on the Internet by creating the now famous “34 Best Websites To Learn Something New” that was published on Forbes.com.

Barry Lall said that it only takes 3 weeks to learn how to drive a car and to learn how to touch type in 3 days. He says that you can be able to play the piano after a week, history in a month and he will tell you about his tips for self-improvement at the annual TED Conference in Southern California.

He is an editor for “Mashable” and writes about technology on his “TechCrunch” blog. His new book, “The 34 Best Websites To Learn Something New” is available on Amazon.

Barry will be co-presenting at the sixth annual TED conference with JP Rangaswami, former chief scientist of Salesforce.com and founder of the Palo Alto Institute. The TED conference is a nonprofit organization that supports independent innovation and free expression. The conference was created in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and since then it has been continuing to support the community of experts, educators, scientists and entrepreneurs that wants to change the world.

Each year, the TED Conference makes a film containing its speakers’ talks and supporting materials. The conference attendees are expected to come up with an idea about how change will happen for the better

Barry Lall said that he is going to update people about his work on how technology is used in education. He said that he is an advocate of using technology for tracking student progress. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, for more information.

In an article entitled “Take Action to Make Things Happen: How Dr. Barry Lall Achieved his American Dream”, Dr Lall talked about that while he has big dreams, he would not call himself a dreamer – rather than gaze off wistfully and wish he takes decisive action to make things happen. Lall has found that a balance between aggressive action and incremental change are key to a successful company. He subscribes to the contrarian approach to investing, using economic down cycles as an opportunity to take calculated risks rather than bunkering down and riding out the storm as many other businesses do.


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