• December 9, 2022


Athlo was founded in late 2013 by Matthew Mansell, a personal trainer for ten years. In training athletes and weekend warriors, he learned that people were looking for more variety in their workouts. Matthew, also an athlete, set up Athlo to solve this problem by enabling anyone to book any workout they want, wherever they want.


Being a free app, it is designed to save people money when booking a gym session. It helps users cut the fat out of their monthly bills by letting them find the best price and place for their workout. The most remarkable thing about Athlo is that it serves members, consumers, and health clubs & gyms by offering various services. Over the last few years, Athlo has attracted thousands of members and over 500 health clubs & gyms in the UK. Matthew has also established strong connections with service providers and sports & fitness partners to develop the platform further and introduce new services to its members.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Matthew Mansell Athlo Founder, started the platform to engage with and enable his local community to connect with their health. Building on the nature of the app, he decided to launch the first online fitness platform where you could book any workout, anywhere and at any time. This highly successful platform has been adopted by one in every three health clubs & gyms in the UK, which is currently serving over 100,000 people every week.

Matthew developed the next fitness unicorn expected to create a digital marketplace where consumers can access all the services, they need to stay healthy and enjoy life. This means members control services from their health club or gym, wellness trainer, massage therapist, or even yoga instructor.

The platform can also connect people with fitness trainers, workout coaches, and nutritionists for one-on-one sessions, who can offer personalized advice on your fitness goals and exercise plans.

It has its mobile app available for iOS and Android, which allows users to connect directly with third-party services and their coaches. The coaches were able to set personalized workouts for the users based on their goals and needs. The app has over 300 sessions and classes in London each week and continues to grow globally.

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