• July 3, 2022

About Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is a senior managing partner of the Mirabaud group. He graduated from the Graduate Institute of international studies in Geneva. He has been chairman of the board of directors of Mirabaud since 1996, and he was also president of the Geneva financial center foundation. Yves Mirabaud was elected member of the Geneva chamber of commerce, industry, and services board of directors. Yves Mirabaud has been mandated as a board member of the Swiss bank UBS AG, Zurich Insurance Group, and the Credit Suisse Group.

A client-centered approach is an important part of Mirabaud’s DNA. Mirabaud’s investment strategy is based on diversification and long-term capital appreciation while focusing on sectors with growth potential and maintaining low volatility. Our core business provides stable returns of up to 10% in the short term. The portfolio consists mainly of equities, including other asset classes such as real estate, commodities, and derivatives. The strategy is managed by a team of experts supported by our proprietary risk management system.

Even though clients have been passive, Yves Mirabaud lost 8% of its revenue due to currency fluctuations. In addition, the majority of its active money came from clients who also took part in the market’s rebound. This means that Mirabaud lost more than 60% of its revenue.

During Covid-19, growth in private banking came to a halt. Spending was slashed. The unit was retrenched. Staffing was cut back. Private bankers got fired. New hires were made in corporate finance. Private banks acquired assets. Global M&A activity surged. Large deals were done. Investments went into the US real estate market. The capital was made available to start a real estate private equity venture. See this page for additional information.

Mirabaud’s clients are not allowed to trade aggressively. Their style is conservative. During the recent stock market turbulence, Mirabaud intervened several times when they saw losses in certain clients’ portfolios. They acted as a buffer for their clients. To protect against future shocks, we are preparing ourselves for the next crisis.


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