The Impact of David McDonald on OSI Group as the CEO

David McDonald, currently the President of OSI Group Premier Global Food Provider, was born and brought up in northeast Lowa, U.S. He graduated from college in 1987 at Lowa State University where he received an outstanding senior award and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Due to his passion and love for his career, he started working with OSI industries which were based in Chicago after he graduated and climbed his way up to become the President and Chief executive officer of the organization.

David McDonald values quality over quantity which is one of the reasons for the success of the company. These ensure that the customers can rely on the company for quality and healthy products which then maintains the customers. Moreover, he emphasizes that adapting to change is vital for the future of the company in that, as time goes, technology improves, and it is critical for the supply of the products to match the demand of the people hence they can maintain the market. He also focuses intensely on the health of the employees and their respective training to make sure that they work in a safe environment as it is only them who can make the company perform optimally.

On August 8th, 2016, OSI group, through David McDonald announced its acquisition of Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods, nibbles and meat. The CEO said that this deal would help the company in expanding its industry outside the country by satisfying the taste buds of the foreign consumers. He also added that the Baho products would undergo the operational methods of OSI to ensure that the quality of their products is not jeopardised. Furthermore, he assured that the Baho employees would still maintain their jobs.

When asked what he thought made him successful during his interview by ‘inspirery’, he stressed that his fruitful career is rooted to the enterprise’s ability to form a solid partnership that will ensure a long lasting business relationship. He went further ahead and said that the key marketing strategy to establish new industries is to be part of the local culture, not to feel like an outsider. This helps you interact with the customers at a friendly level and at the same time hear their views on your products to satisfy their requests. Apart from Baho food Industries, OSI has acquired other industries through David McDonald such as Tyson Food and Flagship Europe for undisclosed amounts.

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