A New Era Of Asset Management: Fortress Investment Group

In the ever-evolving world of asset management in the financial industry there arises a vast need for critical analysis of all asset types combined with financial experience. With such combinations, you can be assured to receive accurate information for all your financial needs. Welcome to Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment has a very diverse foundation in that the core competencies are rather interesting upon further speculation. Their first competency includes asset-based. what this in mind Fortress investment groups oversee the management of physical and financial assets ranging from real estate and capital assets with a long-term plan and generating cash flow for the client. Another aspect of the group specializes in and industry knowledge. With this, Fortress has developed a team of investment professionals with very in-depth expertise and relationships with individuals and companies worldwide. Operations management, corporate mergers and Acquisitions, and capital markets complete the cycle of Fortress investment groups core competencies. While each one is indicative of the level of expertise at the hands of the members of the group, this also adds weight to their image as being one of the world’s leading asset management teams.

The history of Fortress is a rather interesting history at that. Founded in 1998, Fortress became publicly traded in February 2007. Fortress became one of the most illustrious institutions in the asset management world. Soon to follow the early days, Fortress was named “Hedge Fund Manager Of The Year” in 2014 but their accolades and attainments do not stop there. Along with being named the “Credit Focus Fund Of The Year” for both 2011 and 2010. Fortress has been previously recognized as the Discretionary “Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year” in 2012. These attainments simply show that while heavily vested in the financial markets, the group is also heavily invested in fostering relationships with all clients involved. All across the world are manifestations of the unique and distinct credit strategies put into place by Fortress Investment Group. Strategies that are trused the world over.

Up next are the services provided by Fortress Investment Group. with the saying that investment performance is our Cornerstone Fortress Investment Group Stills with private Equity, permanent Capital Vehicles, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. These four segments make up their assets under management in regards to business. From being able to provide private equity services that will generate long-term cash flow, Fortress also deals with permanent capital vehicles. Such vehicles are designed to produce the client increasing amounts of cash. As a hedge fund manager, this group is dedicated to bringing consistent returns over the long haul.

In Conclusion, this is a team that is aimed at results and having a vision for success for all the clients and their diverse assets under management. With a track record of success and wealth management, the obvious decision when looking for trusted leadership lies at the helm of this team of experts. The world of asset management is being led with this group at the forefront.