• March 23, 2023


Ross LevinsohnFor the last three decades, Ross Levinsohn, a Sports Illustrated CEO has been involved in finance, tech, and media. The group, a media platform, announced a change in its management in August 2020. The changes included naming Ross Levinsohn as the new CEO. His responsibility was now to be in charge of TheStreet and mentioned media brands sports. The arena group is a combination of superior brands in areas where clients have a great passion for delivery and experiences. The group has a large team of content creators, entrepreneurs, storytellers, and award-winning journalists. The unit members ensure excellent delivery in sports, lifestyle, finance, and many others. They also have opportunities that facilitate the development of their business partners in the market. Ross Levinsohn has also served as a transitional CEO of Yahoo. He is considered the sixth person to be the CEO of the Yahoo company for the last five years. This was after successfully overseeing the operations of managing Global Media. Ross has also held a senior role at Fox Interactive Media, a digital branch of a news corporation. He has gained significant expertise by working at Tribune, CBS Sportsline, and Guggenheim Digital Media.

With decades of media excellence and leading roles for highly recognized platforms, Ross is considered a precious asset in media relations. Most of the time, he is cited in publications that discuss the convergence of technology and finance. The Sports Illustrated CEO was brought up in New Jersey and graduated from American University with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communications. Levinsohn’s career began in 1989 when he started working for Time Warner sports. From there, he moved to SportsLine in the USA, .where he produced a television show entitled “Football Playbook.” As years went by, he moved to work with different media organizations until he reached the top. His a great experience of over 35 years in his media career.