Andrea McWilliams Is A High Powered Texas Lobbyist.

Andrea McWilliams is an astonishingly successful strategic fundraiser and advocating lobbyist. Ms. McWilliams is greatly valued for her talent as a gifted arbitrator, who radiates great calm under difficult moments and has a strong commitment to persevere. The majority of her colleagues attest to her remarkable adeptness, which she always engages against the countless difficulties that she is often up against. Ms. McWilliams, when necessary, falls back on her know-how in the public and the private sectors to keep going with her arduous and difficult tasks.

Andrea McWilliams accomplishes her obligations as the director of the highly influential Presidential Lobbying party for Michael Huckabee, in Texas. Andrea McWilliams has been lauded by the prominent Dallas Morning News firm as one of the paramount, foremost productive fundraisers in the entire state of Texas. Ms. McWilliams is illustrious as being one of the most successful activists by the group Texans for Public Justice. They also index Ms. McWilliams on their exclusive “Million Dollar Lobbyist” directory. Andrea McWilliams is also listed as being one of the fundamental Impact Players in Texas, by Capital Inside.

Andrea McWilliams has a richly deserved position as a firmly dedicated activist for her clientele. Andrea is much-admired for enacting legislative developments, while under immense contempt by the opposition. Andrea is revered for her resolve which secured a $3 billion cancer investigation endowment, as disclosed by data provided by Capital Inside.

Andrea McWilliams is the chief philanthropic advocate for President Bush and was appointed to be the beneficiary of the first Bush Pioneer award. At 21 years of age, Andrea McWilliams was made appointee to Chief of Staff. Ms. McWilliams is a generous donor and volunteers for her community, often. She gives to the arts, as well as the Women’s Symphony League and the Pioneer Farms.

The Realities of Real Estate Industry with Adam Milstein

Just like in real life, Adam Milstein says that the real estate is characterized by ups and downs. He also says that he has noticed that the supply is always behind the demand. He is also fascinated by the price fluctuations that the real estate industry experiences. To him, these are exciting moments and says that it requires a lot of patience and time to get results in this industry. Adam Milstein also says that he never allows distractions and frustration to get in between his dreams. He is a person who likes to do things on his own.


Philanthropy is one thing that gives him the needed peace of mind. He says that he has been involved with many Jewish organizations in the United States such as Hasbara Fellowships, Israel-American Council, Birthright Israel and StandWithUs. For him, the main aim is to help as many Jews as possible to familiarize with their roots and traditions. He also says that he prefers things to flow along rather than being organized. With organization comes fixed schedules and Adam Milstein says that this can be very limiting.


When he moved to the land of dreams, his first job was as a real estate broker and he learned a lot. The clients he met while working as a broker still act as a source of referrals for him. Adam Milstein had earlier tried employment with companies that undervalued him and even paid him less than a graduate. Making the right choices in life is the key to success. As for Adam Milstein, he believes in three things; consistency, follow up and persistence.


Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem post as an influential figure in Jewish leadership. He was chosen for his role with the mentioned organizations. He is married to a Moroccan immigrant called Gila Milstein, and the two partnered in the year 2001 to establish Adam and Gila Family Foundation. Some of his friends include Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson, whom he has partnered with to make the world a better place. Adam Milstein is also active on social media especially Twitter and Facebook.

Greyhound Diaries: A Voice For The Suffering American Traveler

We are busy living our lives that we forget the plight and the struggles of our fellow brothers and sisters. Nonetheless Doug Levitt, a songwriter, artist and a former foreign correspondent is out to remind us of the challenges others face. In his project the Greyhound Diaries, Doug reveals the melancholy and the desperation of travelers living in poverty and in search of better living conditions. The diaries shows the pictures, confessions and the heart breaking stories of many Americans struggling to find a better life for themselves.

Greyhound Diaries began as a journey in 2004, with Doug Levitt traveling more than 100,000 miles in the Greyhound Bus. During his journey, he met many people and interacted with them, taking pictures and listening to their despairing stories. He later composed the stories and photos in a web series that is aired to the rest of the world to share their stories and to show Americans the sufferings of their fellow brothers and sisters, and hopes that something will be done regarding their state.

Prior to starting the Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt never knew he would end up being the voice to the poor travelers. He was foreign correspondent, working with CNN and BBC in Rwanda and Iraq. He touched on the dangers and the consequences of war before giving up his career and concentrating on his artistry. Doug always had a soft spot for the aggrieved and as much as he covered the victims of war, he realized that no one spoke on behalf of the poor people who traveled miles to seek for better living.

Doug Levitt was born in Washington D.C. He attended Cornell University and graduated with a degree in Journalism. His degree played a major role in launching the Greyhound Diaries as he used the knowledge to interact and inquire from the travelers. In addition to this the web series he has also published records, songs and writings on the Greyhound Diaries and his experiences. He uses his talents to help create awareness on the real issues that the low income earning Americans face as they try to shape up their lives.

Highland Capital: Global Leader In Alternative Investment Solutions

About Highland Capital


Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993. Since then, it has witnessed exponential growth and now boasts of $15.4 billion worth of assets. The company is a SEC compliant entity, authorized to advise investors. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but satellite offices can be found in Singapore, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and New York.


The enterprise focuses on credit strategies which include, hedge funds, separate accounts and long-only funds, collateralized loan options, and much more. Highland Capital is one of the world’s leaders in alternative investment solutions. They have an extensive portfolio of clients including; public retirement schemes, governments, wealthy individuals, and so on. Apart from alternate investments, the company offers long and short equities, and natural resources.


Highland Capital Management cares about its employees’ background. It is for this reason that the firm gives both financial donations and professional advisory services to the communities around them. The charity covers both local communities and non-profit organizations. For over a decade, Highland Capital and its affiliates have donated over $10 million towards humanitarian causes globally.


Highly Successful Year


Gregory Michael, Chief investment officer at Highland Capital, attributed the firm’s success in 2016 to credit competency. The competence enabled them land money-spinning partnerships with pipeline companies when oil prices dipped. These investments contributed about 50% of the Small Cap stock funds returns.


The CIO stated that all the partnerships did not interfere with dividends after the fund bought the shares, the cash flow was based on the volume of oil, rather than the price of its raw product, crude oil. The transactions also focused on partners with a firm footing on the market, mainly major pipelines for oil producers.


Expected Health Care Resurgence


Health care was the only dismal performer in the market last year, recording a decline of 2.1%. Gregory, however, was assured that the sector would bounce back in 2017. He sees an opportunity in the industry, citing opioid addiction as one of those. He noted that insurers were taking action by hastening the approval of less addictive alternatives to opiates.


Collegium Pharmaceutical recently developed such drug. Gregory has foreseen success for Collegium, as the drug has a potential market of approximately 200 million Americans.


Highland Capital purchased Small Cap Fund in 2010. Since then, the fund has been invested in various sectors, such as those above, bringing in huge returns.


Thor Halvorssen Has Dedicated His Life to Fighting For Others

Thor Halvorssen has been a tireless fighter who is committed to protecting liberty and human rights around the world. Although the general public is largely unaware of it, human rights violations are committed by ruthless dictators every day. Thor Halvorssen has been standing up for the rights of others since he was a young boy. Even as a young adolescent, Halvorssen recognized the need to fight against oppressive governments. In 1989, Halvorssen joined organized opposition against the apartheid that was taking place in South Africa.

Unlike many activists, Thor Halvorssen has been personally impacted by the actions of authoritarian regimes. Thor’s father was arrested, imprisoned and tortured after launching a series of investigations into the actions of corrupt government officials in Venezuela. Thor worked with groups such as Amnesty International to get his father released from prison. After his release from prison, Halvorssen’s father was declared to be innocent of all charges. Later, in 2004, Halvorssen’s mother was wounded by a gunshot fired by government security agents while she was involved in a peaceful protest advocating the recall of President Hugo Chavez.

Thor Halvorssen has also fought against slave labor. In 1999, Halvorssen appeared before an annual stockholders’ meeting of Lucent Technologies and demanded that the company institute a slave labor policy that would require China to certify that there was no slave labor involved during the manufacturing of products for Lucent Technologies. At the time, China was accused of running a slave labor camp that forced millions of men, women and children to produce consumer goods.

In 2004, Thor Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation in New York City. One of the major goals of the HRF is to fight for liberty and human rights for oppressed people around the world. The HRF has challenged dictators in many countries including Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela and China.

Thor Halvorssen continues to expose human rights violators by producing films like The Sugar Babies which documents migrant farmer abuse and slave labor in the Dominican Republic.

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The Best of The Synergy between Technology and Fashion Can Only Be Imagined

The world is gradually coming to terms with the reality of what the combination of technology and fashion can achieve. Before addressing the topic, we ought to appreciate the few individuals that brought this understanding to limelight. I may not know all of them but I know one. His name is Chris Burch.


Mr Burch has entrepreneurship prowess in his DNA, or how else can you describe a man from an humble background but became a millionaire in his teens before he got through with college. He has demonstrated time and time again that he can succeed exceedingly in any industry. After making his marks in fashion, he went into technology and real estate and prove his mettle as a entrepreneur per excellence.


Many business men and women will never forget Chris Burch for the knowledge he disseminated both in writing and on the field. Today, he presides over Burch Creative Capital, a company with an intimidating brand of portfolio.


While explaining the evolving trend that characterized the synergy between fashion and technology, he reminded us that the toast of music lovers in the 70s, the boom box, only last a decade despite affording people the opportunity of conveying great tunes form place to another. It took only less than two decade to witness the invention of the Walkman, a clear improvement in fashion and technology to the boom box. The Walkman was popular for its personal music experience facilities, but fashion and technology were not done. Before the close of the century, the iPod took the center stage. The trend has never stop ;there will always be an improvement on previous inventions.


Many accomplished fashion designers believe that the world of fashion will be grossly disadvantaged in innovation and functionality without the inputs of technology. The pioneer of avant-garde designs, Anouk Wipprecht, could not agree less. In her words:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


In contemporary times, fashion is going beyond just attraction to providing some form of protection against likely body injuries with the aid of technology. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin demonstrated this when they came up with airbag for cyclists fancily structured. The airbag not only protects the head from injury but also provides visibility of the surroundings unmatched with what you get using a helmet.


Also, nobody would had believed that fashion and technology can be brought together to create energy few decades ago,but this is now a reality. We now have clothes that power watch, mp3 and other appliances with their ability to capture kinetic energy.


The synergy between fashion and technology holds great promise for the world. What we have seen so far can only be likened to a tip of the iceberg.

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Hussein Sajwani: Self-Made Real Estate Tycoon

Hussein Sajwani’s Background

Hussein is ranked #527 in Forbes’ Magazine list of world’s billionaires. In his native country, the UAE, he is ranked third. He is self-made, having amassed his fortune from businesses in the luxurious real estate and hospitality industry. Forbes values him at $3.6 billion.


Hussein was a brilliant scholar, and his efforts were rewarded when he received a scholarship to study in the USA. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. He started engaging in trade while in campus, selling time-share apartments in the UAE on the side.


Early Business Ventures

Sajwani’s first occupation after graduation was in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, where he worked on contracts. Two years after taking the job, he resigned. He went on to start a catering business with savings from his college business.


The catering business flourished. Hussein was able to raise capital enough to start small hotels in Dubai. When the government allowed outsiders to acquire land in Dubai, Sajwani sold off a portion of his assets and used the funds to acquire an undeveloped piece of land in the Marina neighborhood.



In 2002, Hussein founded DAMAC properties. Since then, the Dubai-based company has grown into the largest real estate firm in the Middle East.


DAMAC predominantly centers on the development of deluxe residential and commercial buildings. So far, numerous properties have been put up, and others are in still in developmental stages. The company works hand-in-hand with renowned luxury brands to design the properties.


Relationship with Donald Trump.

Hussein and Trump are business partners. The two are currently funding a flagship project, named Akoya, which is worth over $6 billion and covers a vast 40 million square feet. The estate features lavish mansions and villas, with some costing as much as $9 million.

A golf course, designed by former world number one Tiger Woods, is in the works and is expected to open next year.



DAMAC continuously supports efforts to improve living standards around the world. They recently donated AED 2 million to a campaign to clothe impoverished children around the world. The grant is expected to clothe over 50,000 kids.

Get The Direction That You Need For Your Financial Future

Jim Hunt, successful financial analyst and strategist doesn’t want to see his clients living on a budget. Hunt insists that his clients live a high end lifestyle that will allow them to buy a new home, or purchase a boat, or save more money than ever before. VTA Publications is a part of his financial strategy in the form of a distance learning course that provides tuition assistance. VTA has over 5,600+ financial strategies with the option of receiving cd’s and tutorials. there are thousands of people that already trust the VTA Publications name for having proven strategies.

Hunt does more than offer a distance learning course. He offers you the chance to become a lifetime millionaire. In fact, he used the techniques offered in his course to make his mum a tax free millionaire. Hunt was able to do so in under ten trades and now his clients can do the same too. Surprisingly, you can follow his exact advice on and reach your goals of becoming a millionaire. However, if you’re looking to supplement your income you can began to earn money in as little as two phone calls. Your financial freedom is just steps away with the VTA Publicationscourse.

You can learn more about his financial strategies by visiting his exclusive website. He also offers a YouTube channel that will give you up front information about your trades. He invests his own money to teach his clients how and when to invest. Hunt’s YouTube channel is highly interactive and he encourages his viewers to ask questions. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone on the road to wealth because Hunt is accessible through his YouTube channel. You can get the money that you need with proven financial strategies on from a guy that is trusted for having a highly accurate stock market prediction every time.

Say goodbye to that boss that refuses to give you what you’re worth and start your own business with the advice of VTA Publications. Take back your financial freedom with the best in the industry.

Lori Senecal: Marketing Expert And Visionary Leader

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B and formerly KBS Global Executive Chairman. She is known for providing strategic vision, improving the company’s unique model as well as working with partner agencies to aid growth and cross-collaboration. A marketing and advertising expert, Senecal joined CP+B in 2015. She is responsible for handling the company’s expansion and global growth along with managing its nine offices worldwide. Lori Senecal has helped to make CP+B more inventive, collaborative and agile through the things she was able to accomplish.

Senecal has earned numerous awards and accolades. She was selected among Advertising Age’s ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year‘ and one of four people voted ‘Agency Executives To Watch’. In 2013 she received a Quantum Leap award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards ceremony for her innovation and leadership. The next year Advertising Age named her one of its ‘Women to Watch’. Senecal was also chosen to become a board of directors of the Ad Council member. She’s known for her expertise in advertising, digital media, integrated marketing, digital strategy, digital, mobile and social media marketing, business development and entrepreneurship.

With her unique leadership style Senecal has helped the companies with which she has been involved to create genuine innovation and content creation, use of new technology and start-up investment to give the brands she represents a competitive advantage. She also helps her employees build the careers they want by backing and incubating the ideas and projects they bring to her via agency-wide invention competitions. This has proven to be a powerful incentive that fuels innovation and an exciting corporate culture that inspires passion among her staff.

According to Forbes Magazine, some of the brands Senecal has helped promote include American Express, Boar’s Head, BMW, Harman, HomeGoods, Simmons Bedding Company, Vanguard, Victoria’s Secret PINK, William Grant & Sons and TE Connectivity. She provides thought leadership and industry insight through her op-eds, award juries, television appearances and speaking engagements. Senecal was the Isaac Awards jury chair for 2 years and the Isaac + Award founder. That awards celebrates the inventions created by students.

An advocate for creating opportunities for women in the workplace, Senecal is involved in mentor-ship and encourages it among her leadership team. She maintains an effective work/life balance by creating a healthy lifestyle includes eating wholesome foods and exercising every morning. This makes her stronger and better equipped to deal with the daily challenges she faces.

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Eric Pulier Is Renowned in the Tech World

The tech world has created many of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison are a few that quickly come to mind. Eric Pulier is another person who owes quite a bit to the world of technology. He is an innovator just like the men previously mentioned. However, Eric made a name for himself in quite a different way than those gentlemen. All of them created a single business that became very successful. However, Eric has made a living creating multiple companies that have caught on and become profitable.

This was not the way that Pulier thought his life would go. In fact, he had completely different plans for himself. He went to college at Harvard University after growing up in New Jersey. He decided to major in English literature. He never imagined that he was going to be making a living for himself on the other side of the country in Silicon Valley. However, that is exactly what happened. Eric had a chance encounter with a guy who was in the process of getting a new company online. Eric asked if he could help the guy. This was the start of his career in the tech startup industry. He has come a long way since then. He went on to create a wide variety of companies in many different industries.

Pulier has managed to maintain his success because of a formula that he developed. This formula has not let him down and enabled him to achieve repeated success in an industry where most new startups fail quickly. Eric is very careful about the team he assembles to work on each startup project. He also hires only the best web designers to ensure his sites work perfectly. He does research to determine the best places to promote the new business to its core demographic. He also prepares a budget that allows him to know exactly how much money will be needed to run the site before it starts to show a profit. Needless to say, this formula has led to many successful startups. for more.