Get NexBank Features And Save

NexBank continues to be the leaders in a practical banking solution for over 246,000+ online customers nationwide. Their website provides an online portal for all their banking features. Their president, and CEO, John Holt was a very popular speaker at a recent Texas Banker’s Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference, and committed to helping other big name financial institute mimic their high level of transparency, and quality assurance. NexBank has been established in the local Dallas, Texas area for over 25+ years. Their customers know their money is being protected with not only FDIC insurance, but by a secured $49 billion dollars in assets.

NexBank Features

– Online bill pay

– Direct deposit features

– Anytime access to your account

– Highly trained professionals

– Multiple device compatibility

– Mortgage accounts

– Free checks

– IRA’s

NexBank has other financial institutions don’t have with an interest bearing savings of 1.9%. The loner your money sits in NexBank the more you earn. They believe in watching your hard earned money work for you with technologically advanced banking solutions. They rates are chosen over their competitors $4 to $1. You will have more money to maximize your funds when, and where it counts to he most.

You can get a house from NexBank with their superior mortgage option features. Thousands of customers in Dallas can realize their dreams of being a first-time home owner for low-income residents with stable employment. You will get the lowest mortgage, and interest rates in the housing market through a partnership with the local Habitat For Humanity. They are prepared to help you invest in a major financial investment for you, and your family. You’re invited to visit the NexBank website for more details on your new, or existing account. NexBank welcomes you with secure banking services for your money.

Journey Success of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is one of the successful expertise in the world he also the chief executing officer of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He mostly deals with information technology in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, he has been in the healthcare sector for more than a decade. He went to the University of Lowa and attained a degree in Industrial engineering. As an efficient entrepreneur he has been able to develop the proficient workforce, active organization culture and solid clients relations these have also enabled him to increase the number of clients in the organization. Through the use of technical EMR background, Madden is able to assist the healthcare IT expertise in planning prosperous Epic Implementation groups.

Apart from entrepreneurship he is also talented with expertise in execution, planning and enhancing health records in the hospital. Also through the linking with other organization enabled him applies and discovers problems that the medical report have. Drew Madden also worked in various organizations including the Cerner Cooperation as a consultant for two years then he later joined Healthia and also acted as a consultant. When Healthia was purchased by Ingenix it gave chances to Madden to act as the regional sales director at Ingenix. He as well had the opportunity to provide sales consultation and customers development services at Epic, GE-IDX, and Allscripts hence he was able to help a lot of organization in the community.

He as well worked as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners due to the IT entrepreneurship skills. His main role at the organization is supervision business development, employment, and operation within the initiative. Drew Madden was able to confidently impact advisory of the organization through the increase of workers in the organization from 10 to 725 and also raised the profit of the organization from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annually. Another accomplishment that he made is through the increase the number of clients in the organization from three to 150. Furthermore, Evergreen Healthcare Partners was started due to the understanding of Madden information technology, project management and consulting services.

Evergreen Healthcare accomplishes their objective due to the offering consultation services for specialized healthcare technology and electronic health record podiums. The other main thing Drew Madden ensures is the increase client’s satisfaction and enhances their outcomes.

Things You Need to Know About Avaaz

Avaaz has brought significant reforms in the laws of most countries through their well-evaluated campaigns. The firm’s stories are inspiring and incredibly powerful. Avaaz has been an excellent source of inspiration for many people due to their exclusive campaigning ability as well as their ability to bring people from different communities together. Most of the firm`s campaigns are meant to empower people and advocate for better treatment of citizens of a particular country by their leaders. Avaaz has helped leaders make the best decisions regarding the development of their countries due to the close eye they keep at them.

Through activism, Avaaz has given voice to the unheard people in a country, and by bringing them together, the firm has seen individuals efficiently air out the unjust activities that are carried out in their communities. Besides, unworthy leaders have now been exposed and a significant number of them replaced by honest and reliable ones. Most people involved in the Avaaz campaigns have a great dedication towards getting their cries heard and brought change in the operations of their countries. A significant number of those affected also contribute funds to aid in the smooth running of the online platform. The leaders of the platform always pay close attention to their members and most of the protests are still inspired by the thoughts of the ten thousand members of the online platform.

Avaaz has become very influential, and a vast number of its members always point out all the unworthy activities that their leaders carry out. The firm is change-oriented, and most of its leaders consistently engage with the members of the group, by sending them emails concerning specific issues that need to be addressed. The campaigns are then geared by the comments and thoughts of most of the members involved and an excellent examination done regarding the possible outcome of a particular protest.

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Tony Petrello Invests To Improve The Health Of Infants

Nabors Industries is a company that is focused on drilling of oil and the related products, for businesses that want to engage in the refinery process. It continually upgrades its operations to adopt the modern day technological systems that enable it to provide unrivaled services to other firms. At the time of its inception, the company was known by the name Anglo Energy.

The CEO of the organization is known for the good deeds that he has extended to the society. Tony Petrello was born in 1955, and his career has been a successful one. He is a graduate of Yale University, where he obtained a Mathematics degree and Harvard University, where he acquired a Law in Masters. The extensive education and skills that he gained have enabled him to become a very wealthy person to the point that Petrello earns $27,512,939 within a single year.

Nations that engage in the exploration of oil company and natural gas have very stable economies. The revenue obtained from the black gold enable oil-producing countries to invest in different areas of the economy, thereby ensuring the success of the entire nation. Oil and natural gas are essential to the whole globe. The wealthiest countries around the world rely on oil as the backbone of the economy. Tony Petrello, who is in charge of the biggest oil drilling enterprise benefits considerably due to his aptness.

Before joining of Nabors Industries, he worked at Baker and McKenzie as a senior partner. He is a manager of various other firms such as and Stewart & Stevenson. Tony and Cynthia Petrello have a daughter who is 8-year old, CarenaPetrello. Carena was born prematurely, and this left her with a mental condition known as Cerebral Palsy. To support her treatment and that of other children all over the world, her father donated $5 million towards the Neurological research institute.

Mr. Tony Petrello has a massive investment in the health sector to protect the future generations. A successful research will help doctors mitigate the constant re-occurrence of the problem in infants. Tony progresses his advocacy for better health, and as a result, he serves as a Senior Partner at the Texas Children Hospital where he is involved in coming up with decisions that help to advance different research processes.

Tony Petrello is an enigma when it comes to exploration of oil. He has steered the company in the right direction, and he has enabled it to generate a lot of revenue, and at the same time, he offers services across the board with minimum incompetence.

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Meet Omar Yunes: Best Franchisee of the World 2015

Omar Yunes has placed Mexican as the best franchisee in the world. In his contribution to Sushi Itto, Yunes won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition that was held in Florence city, Italy on December 5. At just the age of 21, Yunes became a franchisee of a Japanese food chain which has seen him own 13 franchised units in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz.

What is BFW?

BFW is a worldwide event where franchisees of different franchise brands are recognized and awarded for their efforts according to specific criteria. The event brings together best franchisees of leading brands in the market and recognizes their contribution to the enrichment of those brands. Yunes represented Mexico in his franchise of Sushi Itto, describing the case “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee.” Coming second was Ivan Tamer, franchisee of Prendamex with the case “Implementation of the alternative system for the control and sale of articles.”

The 2015 BFW edition represented 34 countries. Among them were Hungary, Italy, Mexico, France, and Brazil. Only eight finalists were selected. The franchisee was evaluated on the following basis:
• How much the franchisee has influenced the growth of its network
• Its knowledge contribution
• Amount of savings it has implemented
• Employee motivation
• How much invoices and improvements the franchisee has proposed to the model

The BFW competition’s objective is to reward teamwork, leadership, innovation, and enhance continuous improvements in the franchise operation. Additionally, the competition is set to motivate the franchisees, promote their business concepts and gauge their attitude and commitment to the franchises.

What contributed to Yunes’ success?

Yunes, through Diego Elizarrarras, organizer of BFW Mexico, noted that Yunes took the first place because he acted as a significant factor in establishing the franchising-franchisee relationships. That helped Sushi Itto to have better management of information and implement control boards that helped have more precise measurements in individual units. Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, recognized the award as a manifestation to offer their clients excellent service, unique flavor, and unmatched hospitality.

According to Elizarraras, the award takes Mexican franchises from just regional affairs to high places at the international level. The award speaks of a significant sector of the economy that has established itself at the global standards.

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OneLogin Compares Cybersecurity Management with the Game of Thrones

OneLogin is a cyber-security provisions organization that provides guidance and tools for cybersecurity. With branches in over 40 countries across the world, OneLogin has managed to provide the best services to their customers as they prescribe the most secure systems. Their systems offer a platform that eases access to company data for employees and employers. One Login recognizes that cyber-attacks are on the rise.

OneLogin says that cyber threats often come in the form of emails and advertisements. OneLogin allows their clients to view protection and take caution against cyber threats as a way of war. In their opinion, every member of a particular firm has the responsibility to ensure that they can identify and tackle cybersecurity problems.

OneLogin uses analogies from the movie series, Game of Thrones, to explain cybersecurity threats and management. In the analogies, the people fighting their enemies are like the security firms that maintain cybersecurity. They advise that it is important for a company to keep a record of the employees. According to OneLogin, it is best for a company’s security team to keep reviewing their employees’ details. The security team should address arising security issues, no matter how small they may seem since it is such problems that develop into major issues.

Maintaining cybersecurity should be a top priority for any company. OneLogin suggests that corporations should use security systems that are cyber-attack proof. Major cyber-attacks often occur where small cyber threats are not treated as threats but just as any minor problem. Apart from that, OneLogin suggest that firms should look into security concerns brought up by any member of that firm.

How to Manage Cyber Threats

OneLogin suggests that every organization should have sufficient resources set aside to cater for maintenance and upgrading of cybersecurity systems. The efforts taken to ensure cybersecurity should include training of employees on how to spot cyber threats. Furthermore, OneLogin encourages firms to make sure that they have proper guiding rules concerning access to a company’s databases. It is important to put in place measures such as passwords, which should be regularly changed to guarantee security.

Would the yuan devaluation affect the Brian market? See the panorama of the Chinese crisis according to Ricardo Tosto

It is speculated that the correction in China’s stock markets is coming from a more significant reaction to the country’s downturn. With the risk of monetary devaluation, Brazil and other commodity exporters would directly suffer the effect of prices, Ricardo Tosto explains.

The primary concern with this thump is the interference in world economic activities, which can lead to reduced corporate profits and possible bankruptcies. Global strategist Thierry Wizman says that even with measures to encourage liquidity, it was not possible to achieve the expected economic growth. For strategist Marcelo Ribeiro, much of the monetary stimulus provided by the government for production was used for speculation in stock exchanges, generating for many companies more profits from the actions than from the operations themselves.

According to the specialist in banking law and capital markets, Flávio Maldonado, despite this high price correction in Chinese markets, it is challenging to determine the existence and real risks of a bubble burst. Wizman states that even considering the country’s restriction on the participation of foreign investors in the equity markets, it is assumed that the current movement of the Chinese market may impact other regions, affecting economic growth. The annual comparison shows a real decline in Chinese exports, giving room to the competitiveness of European products. However, appreciation of the US dollar allowed the rise of the yuan, due to the linkage of both currencies.

In Ribeiro’s opinion, the reduction in exports is a strong incentive for currency devaluation, making possible a major crisis in the commodities sector. With the reduction of the purchasing power of the Chinese, the exports of the inputs would be impaired. Some executives and experts say that Brazil would directly suffer the impacts of the bubble burst due to the high commodity market exported by the country. According to Ribeiro, Brazil is already feeling the effect of the fall in the prices of some essential commodities. Ricardo Tosto complements that data indicate that since mid-June, the stock markets have dropped approximately 30%. Compared to the same period in 2014, the exchanges are above the levels presented, and with companies participating in the stock market representing only a third of the Chinese GDP. That is, even in every crisis, the thump of the stock markets would hardly affect domestic consumption, says Ricardo Tosto.

One reason for the current correction is also related to the new rules imposed by some brokerage firms, forcing many shareholders to sell their shares to meet the established requirements. In an attempt to ease the situation, China’s major brokerage firms and the central bank issued a 120 billion share purchase package and set a goal of raising the Shanghai Composite Index to 4,500 points.

Ricardo Tosto affirms that the postponement of public offers and the suspensions of negotiations has also been part of this current scenario. Most of the interruptions occurred in Shenzhen, mainly through small caps. The share of the stock market of small business investors accounts for about 85% in the country. That is, these stock-market stallions directly influence the increase in market volatility. This is the panorama of the Chinese crisis according to Ricardo Tosto.

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How Talkspace Can Help You Overcome Emotional Problems

Depression is an illness that is quite prevalent among the population. Yet, it is stigmatized. People who have depression are often thought of as being crazy or incapable of having a job or functioning normally. This is even though there could be up to 16 million people suffering from depression on a yearly basis.

The stigmatization of depression can lead to people feeling ashamed of having this illness. It can also lead people to shy away from seeking treatment or help for their condition. What is even more striking is that many people have depression, yet appear perfectly normal and even happy on the outside to others.

So, what can be done to combat depression stigma? The best thing to do is to educate yourself and others on this mental illness. Sometimes depression is caused by biological and genetic factors. Other times it is caused by trauma, stress or grief. These are things that occur to almost everybody. By changing the way people think about and understand depression, we can change how they look at people afflicted with depression. This will lead to a decrease in the stigma of depression, which will only benefit society at large.

Talkspace is an online resource that can help people struggling with depression, stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses. This online website lets people connect with real therapists over the web. To ensure professional service, Talkspace uses licensed and certified therapists that you would find in a real institutional or medical setting.

One of the advantages of Talkspace is that it provides a very easy way to communicate with a therapist about your problems. You can post messages at any time of the day and your therapist will respond throughout the day. There are also live video chat options available for a more personal and face to face experience.

Tony Petrello’s Career in the Oil and Gas Drilling Sector As well As His Involvement in Philanthropy

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello has held top leadership positions at Nabors Industries Ltd. since 1991 when he rose to the company’s presidency. After doing a commendable job in that position for two decades, he was made CEO on October 28, 2011. Tony holds those two posts until today. Petrello has in the past also served as the company’s COO, dropping the role in 2011, as well as the company’s deputy chairman for nine years from 2003 to 2012. From 2012 till now, he is the board chairman of the company. By the virtue of having served in all these positions in one company, Tony has proved to the world that he is efficient in his work and above all, talented and dedicated in leadership.

Tony’s Career

Before joining the oil and gas drilling sector in 1991, Anthony Petrello was practicing law at Baker & McKenzie law firm which is based in New York. Even with a law degree from Harvard Law School, he only practiced in the profession for a couple of years before calling it quits. He also boasts of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics- both from Yale University- a career he never pursued beyond the university. He, however, has been using his knowledge of mathematics and law to manage Nabors.

Among the best-paid business executives in the world, Tony Petrello ranks top. His total calculated compensations are estimated to be more than 15 million dollars. Broken down, his total annual cash compensation, total short-term compensation, other long-term compensation amounts to $4,393,920, $1,575,000, and $12,134,707 respectively. His basic, on the other hand, is calculated to be more than $1.5 million per year. The 62-year old spends a good percentage of this money in helping the less privileged in the society as well as in supporting various community empowerment organizations.

Supporting Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas is one of the beneficiaries of Tony Petrello’s philanthropic giving. The institution that specializes in researching and finding solutions to neurological problems in children became of interest to Tony and his wife Cynthia after their daughter, Cerena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. The couple made a vow to be investing in helping the institution grow so that no future kid will have to go through what their daughter has been going through since 1997. In 2007, for example, Tony and Cynthia donated $7 million. The couple also partners with Jan and Dan Duncan to fund the establishment of Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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The NFL, LabCorp and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Tackle Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer kills 1 out of 7 men annually yet many men do not take the simplest steps to prevent it. A simple test called the PSA test can detect the potential of this killer disease before it can get a strangle-hold and become a serious problem.

The National Football League Alumni Association, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America,and LabCorp are running an awareness campaign, called Prostate Pep Talk, to make men aware of the simple PSA test in order to save lives. Former NFL coaches Bill Cower, Herman Edwards, and Dick Vermeil are spokesmen for the cause and they are urging men who are age 50 and over to get the test.

Men can get the test done for free between September 1 and October 15 of 2017, and after that for just $25 at any of the 1,700 plus LabCorp facilities across the nation. The blood test is very easily done and only takes a few minutes. The test is then sent to your doctor for evaluation. It is recommended that the test is done once a year.

LabCorp is a national medical testing facility and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been treating cancer patients for the past 30 years with their proprietary Integrated Treatment Method which individualizes each patient’s treatment. According to CTCA each patient reacts differently to cancer thus an individualized approach is made for that patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses traditional methods of treatment for cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation along with other methods such as naturopathy, advanced nutrition therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, mind-body medicine and other combinations that work. All of the doctors at CTCA are specialists in the various fields of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have hospitals in five locations, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania.