Bruce Bent: Money Market Fund

Bruce R. Bent is one of the most prominent individuals in the United States business arena. According to him, business should be valued to increase profit and the quality of life. If you value business, your life is centered towards the activities that increase business in an organization r company. He is also one of the individual people who invented the money market fund in 1970. The American Museum of Finance and History recognized this idea because of its importance and impact in the history of America. Bruce R. Bent introduced this formal discipline and decided the rules of the game concerning the developed capability. As a result of his game, the world is enjoying more than $3 trillion.

According to a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, needs to be documented as one of the most proficient business entities in the United States. His achievements in the business world have been unmatched. In this case, no one needs to activate their business deals in a way that has never been animated in the industry. His role in the invention of the money market fund has gone a long way in assisting many families in the United States. Bruce R. Bent was born in New York as the eldest son in the family. He is also one of the graduates of the St. Johns University in 1980. During that time, there were limited sources of exuberance in the industry. However, he worked hard to become a better business solution agent.

A money market fund is also known as the money market mutual fund. In this case, it is also considered as an open-ended mutual fund that seeks to invest in the short-term securities such as the commercial paper and United States Treasury bill. The money market mutual funds are regarded as the safest way of securing your income and investment in the United States. For this reason, they often yield higher profit and bank deposit. Money market funds are regulated under the United States Investment Act to provide liquidity and finance. Due to the liquidity risks and credit market, money market funds seek to limit exposure.

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Bruce Bent II Suggests Novice Entrepreneurs Park Cash In Money Market Funds

Entrepreneurs just starting out still need to focus on nest-eggs, so where should they invest small funds? You should invest in money market funds says Bruce Bent II. He should know, Bent is the creator of the money market fund, and has a successful track record of financial management, and foreseeing opportunities.

Entrepreneurs are looking for financially viable investment opportunities but bank account interest rates are dismal, and the stock market is still risky. Surveys say entrepreneurs expect a return of at least 3 percent on their capital, but they always express a need for alternative opportunities. Even so, security is still at the forefront of financial investment. Bruce Bent II says money market funds are a terrific option because novice entrepreneurs require short-term liquidity and the ability to diversify risk. The fact that the investment in money market funds earn interest and have relatively manageable maturities, these funds are considered very safe. Since money market funds are diversified among many debtors, the fund’s assets are widely invested. Thus, money market funds can help maximize revenue opportunities for novice entrepreneurs.

Another big advantage in money market funds is certainly flexibility. It is perfectly possible, at least for many investors with the time, to buy fund shares and sell. Of course, a disadvantage is high administrative and management fees, but this can be overcome by looking at various fund fees before you invest.

Why Suitable for Entrepreneurs?

Investments are low risk
Great for little to no investment experience
For those looking for short-term horizon

For more than three decades, Bruce Bent II has been developing strategies, and financial planning for a number of companies. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. John’s University, he began a career at LF Rothschild and Company. He later held senior positions at TIAA-CREF, and B2 Consulting LLC. Today, Bent serves as Vice Chairman and President at Double Rock Corporation, and is responsible for creating, and implementing their vision and mission.

During the span of more than 30 years, Bruce Bent has founded several businesses, and been responsible for the operational aspects that included risk management, strategic planning, crisis management, negotiations, and executing priorities.

The Stock Market in Brazil

Over the years, a lot of people have had trouble investing in Brazil. The economy was never as strong as it is today, and employment was not as high either. With both of those things changing in a positive way, now is the time to try and make a difference in your financial life with an investing plan. Cassio Audi is an investing professional in Brazil who is ready to help other people on this journey. Over the years, he has done a lot of good in the world simply by working hard to provide quality financial advice in a number of areas. If you want to change your finances for the better, this is one of the most important things that you can do.

Cassio Audi

From the time that he started his business, a lot of people have gone to Cassio Audi for financial advice. This is especially true lately as the economic recovery has picked up steam. Now is a great time to try and see what you can do in order to help other people in this area. There are a lot of people who want to invest but they are scared of losing money. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, you need to have money invested to take advantage of the economic growth. Cassio Audi has proven that he is ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cassio Audi is a leader who is ready to help other people as much as possible. With his experience, he can help you devise a plan that will make sense for the long term trajectory of your business or financial plan. Go on in and see what kind of advice he will offer to help your business or finances grow.

Cancer Treatments of America Launch New Platform to Support Patients

Cancer Treatments of America are working with Allscripts and NantiHealth to launch a new platform called Clinical Pathways. The new platform will contain custom and comprehensive information on oncology patients and oncologists will be able to access.
What is Clinical Pathways?
As stated on Wikipedia, the goal of the new platform is to give oncologists and patients access to treatment options and studies done in the world of oncology. Cancer affects the lives of many people every day and can be devastating for people who are seeking treatment. Clinical Pathways gives patients the ability to compare treatments and discuss them with their clinical teams so they can be prescribed treatments depending on their diagnosis.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America are dedicated to helping their patients and have taken extra measures to ensure their health. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida CTCA is a national for-profit network consisting of five hospitals that serve cancer patients across the United States.
CTCA takes a pro-active approach when it comes to cancer care using a variety of treatments like immunotherapy after cancer, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to help their patients. They also offer integrative therapies to help managed the side effects of these treatments like anxiety, pain, depression, nausea, malnutrition, fatigue, and lymphedema.
The CTCA was originally founded by Richard J. Stephenson when his mother passed away due to cancer. His reasoning being he wasn’t satisfied with the treatment options that were available at the time when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. In 1988, he opened the first CTCA hospital at Midwestern Regional Medical Center located in Zion, Illinois. Word of the hospital and the numerous treatment options it had available spread. Leading to four more hospitals opening between 2005 and 2012.

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The Racquetball Career of Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt started playing racquetball for Lincoln High School and continued after with the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. Howitt played just two games in January 2015 on the 21st and 23rd, losing both. The first was against Jack Baldschun and the second against was against Eric Poppleton. There are no records of him playing any other games for the club.

When playing in high school people were saying that Sawyer Howitt had a bright future in the sport and was expected to be seen on playing racquetball on a national level.


Leding Comestic Surgeon Returns To Austin

The world of cosmetic surgery is one of the most challenging fields for contemporary medicine. Examined under that light the accomplishments of Jennifer Walden are much more amazing. That’s not to say the accomplishments aren’t amazing regardless of the light you cast them in. The work she accomplished during her time in Manhattan is nothing to scoff at. However, when you factor in how far she has managed to go as a woman in a field dominated by men her true brilliance is revealed. Despite all of the work she was involved in while living in Manhattan Dr.Walden decided to return to her hometown of Austin,TX.


While she would’ve liked to stay in Manhattan starting a family made returning home much more appealing. She wanted her twin sons to grow up around family and experience the culture she grew up with. Moving her practice to Texas was a difficult process, but with the help of her mother and nannies she has managed to make to relocate without any problems. In Austin she will practice cosmetic surgery at the esteemed Westlake Medical Center. Here she conducts surgeries right next to her private office and maintains the highest standards for her practice. The set up is perfect for juggling motherhood and work together.


When Walden decided it was time to return to Austin she did so with a certain philosophy in mind. She sets out to do what is in the best interest of her children and her patients. If there is anywhere she can improve and give more she doesn’t hesitate to work on making that change. Her years of experience give her insight into which decisions are the best for practice. With her long history of leadership in the cosmetic surgery profession she is better equipped than anyone else to understand exactly what she needs to do.

Clay Siegall : the Brain behind Seattle Genetics’ Phenomenal Drug, Adcetris

Clay Siegall is the face of Seattle Genetics and the force that has led to many of the Pharmaceutical Company’s groundbreaking achievements. He has come a long way in making Seattle Genetics what it is today and the future seems to be getting brighter.

Clay Siegall is a co-founder, CEO and President of Seattle Genetics, a Drug Research Center that is instrumental in the research and discovery of newer cancer treatment solutions. He is also the chairman of company’s Board of Directors, a keynote position that has helped him secure several grants to fund their cancer research projects.

Mr. Siegall is a passionate contributor to the cancer research community. He has dedicated an entire career to finding tangible solutions for the cure or alleviation of cancer cases, especially lymphoma patients. Before joining Seattle Genetics, Clay had a 6-year contract with the National Cancer Institute before moving to the National Institute of Health where he worked for 3 years. In this period, he studied cancer cases which were crucial in laying down a path for his journey to developing one of the most lucrative cancer treatment drug in the US and Canadian market right now.

Seattle Genetics is currently pushing their main drug, Adcetris. Adcetris is the Drug Center’s flagship drug that works as an alternative treatment for patients with advanced lymphoma. Seattle Genetics raked in an estimated $325milion on the premier of Adcetris, and is on the verge of making it an FDA-approved commercial drug for lymphoma treatment.

Mr. Siegall played the biggest role in Seattle Genetics’ headline achievement with Adcetris. As the Chairman of the pharmaceutical company’s board, he garnered over $1.2 billion in funds from both private and public investors drawn by the company’s IPO announcement in 2001. He then moved to seek licenses for the approval of Adcetris as a test drug for lymphoma. Under his guide, Seattle Genetics received the green light from major players in the field of health like Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, Abbvie, and Genentech.

Currently, there is a possibility of Adcetris becoming commercially available as a lymphoma solution once their Echelon-1 trials on the drug are completed in 2017. This will definitely put Seattle Genetics on the global map, and Clay Siegall on the headlines as the crusader who made this achievement possible.