Nearly A Decade After Its Founding, GoBuyside is a Leading Financial Recruitment in New York

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, is a recruitment and executive search firm that specializes in the acquisition of specialized talent for operators within the financial industry. An article on Patch detailed the operational strategies of the New York-based company, including their dependence on localized screening tactics, their use of technology and their dedication to specialization, all of which serve to render them more efficient than other recruitment agencies.

The article points out the increasing decentralization of jobs caused by the increasing prominence of the internet and the ability of many possible recruits to work from home, resulting in a large pool of possible hires. GoBuyside, in response to this, has adopted a philosophy of increased selectivity while operating within the job market, making sure that prospective hires presented to a client are only of the highest quality. This is achieved by the use of a system of targeted locational methods meant to assemble prospects with an individualized, instead of generalistic, view of the client. This localized method, in combination with a high-level proprietary screening process that each prospect undergoes, ensures that only the highest quality potential hires in the closest possible areas are presented to a client.

To read the full Patch article on GoBuyside’s hiring methods and practices, go here.

Founded in 2011, GoBuyside is operational in more than 500 cities and sixteen countries, serving more than 400 clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms and investment management firms. Included among GoBuyside’s clients are noted Fortune 500 companies.

Celebrated for the speed and effectiveness with which they complete personnel searches, both for full- and part-time positions, GoBuyside has successfully filled over 2000 positions for clients since its inception, and is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading financial recruitment firms.

The firm was founded by Arjun Kapur, holder of a Bachelors in Economics from John Hopkins University, and a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford. He has carried out business engagements in over 40 cities in the U.S., as well as 10 others across the globe.He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the country’s oldest academic honor society.

The Research Results of Jorge Moll About Human Behavior That May Change Your Views on Morality

There are many challenges for physicians today in their medical practice, mostly because of the issue of morality, ethics and where a doctor should draw the line to make the most difficult decisions. But what is going behind the brains of human beings when they decide to do a good or bad thing? One of the few people who spent time to dig into the problem is Jorge Moll and the team of neuroscientists in his research group.


The Pleasant Feeling of Helping


One of the more stunning results of Jorge Moll’s study about the wiring behind social behavior was published in The Washington Post. It was revealed in their 2006 survey that their subjects who were tested on what to do in specific scenarios had positive emotional signals activating all throughout their body when they put others’ interests first. The part of their brain that lights up when they help people is the same area that gets activated when the mind feels pleasure from food or sex. Jorge Moll and his team then argued that doing the right thing is not something reserved for the morally superior people. It is shown that helping seems to be an essential human and natural activity.


The team also declared that such findings would prove that the morality or lack thereof of a person has biological roots. To sacrifice one’s interests for others seems to be the tendency that nature has intended, and it is something that now can be strongly verified by science. They also firmly believe from their research that the active element that ties up all the aspects of morality is empathy.


The Research Head


We should probably also state here that Jorge Moll is the current Director and President of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). It’s one of the most trusted research centers today that are based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it retains the reputation of being a top-notch research center for neuroscience and social behavior studies. Mr. Moll was also the Elected Affiliate Member of the Brazilian Academy Sciences in 2008.

Dr. Saad Saad Created Two Inventions That Are Incredible

Two incredible life saving inventions were created when one doctor found that “necessity is the mother of invention” would help his patent two life saving inventions. With over forty years Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of surgeries. A decent amount of the surgeries he has performed where out of the generosity of his heart. These surgeries were often life saving for poor children who could not normally afford these life saving surgeries. These trips where on medical missions in the United States and Jerusalem totally 12 in all.

These two patents have helped many patients and doctors. The first one has to do with tubes, medical catheters to be exact. Dr. Saad Saad invented a device that helps located catheters in the body. He found that the usual ways to find them needed to be made easier so he created a device that would do so. This device uses electromagnetic energy to match up with a device outside the body. Once they line up the external device shows a light. It is a great substitute to and doing an Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, or an X-ray. Both of these methods are not as easy to use. MRI’s are huge non-portable machines that in certain cases cannot be used due to their size. X-rays give patients small doses of radiation, but are not unsafe according to doctors. Dr. Saad Saad’s life saving medical catheter has helped many and is spreading in popularity.

The next patent makes it so much easier for doctors to not lose eye sight of their place using an endoscope to detect possible problems. Endoscopes allow doctors to see inside a patient’s throat, colon, and such with a snake like device without having to do a body scan, or even harder, surgery. Because the human body is full of fluid this makes it challenging to use an endoscope. Doctors have to suction out the fluid by removing the endoscope and then starting over again. Dr. Saad Saad invented a device where doctors can remove the fluid without losing their eye sight of that exact place. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad working pediatrician is an awarand winning physician that is making a difference in the world one child at a time. He has the won Compassionate Doctor Recognition and the Patients’ Choice Award in 2014. Saad Saad certifications include a New Jersey and Iowa State Medical License. He has also is certified on the American Board of Surgery.

The leading pediatric and thoraic surgeon specializes in surgery on infants, children, and teens. When it came to the beginning of his career Dr. Saad Saad bought a $99 dollar plane ticket from Egypt to Lebanon to take a very important exam. This special exam allowed the budding pediatrician to train in the United States. It was the best $100 dollars he has ever spent.

Equities First Holdings History Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings is a banking system in Africa that has banks in over ten African countries and is the largest bank in all of Africa. The bank was founded in Kenya and now has exclusive rights and permissions to provide US American Express cards to those that qualify for the card. Originally the bank was the only one in Africa to provide mortgages to those with low incomes in Africa which greatly helped the growth and the popularity of the bank throughout the continent of Africa. Since the start the bank has greatly expanded and now is a huge investment bank for Africa and is recognized worldwide.

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The NFL, LabCorp and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Tackle Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer kills 1 out of 7 men annually yet many men do not take the simplest steps to prevent it. A simple test called the PSA test can detect the potential of this killer disease before it can get a strangle-hold and become a serious problem.

The National Football League Alumni Association, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America,and LabCorp are running an awareness campaign, called Prostate Pep Talk, to make men aware of the simple PSA test in order to save lives. Former NFL coaches Bill Cower, Herman Edwards, and Dick Vermeil are spokesmen for the cause and they are urging men who are age 50 and over to get the test.

Men can get the test done for free between September 1 and October 15 of 2017, and after that for just $25 at any of the 1,700 plus LabCorp facilities across the nation. The blood test is very easily done and only takes a few minutes. The test is then sent to your doctor for evaluation. It is recommended that the test is done once a year.

LabCorp is a national medical testing facility and Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been treating cancer patients for the past 30 years with their proprietary Integrated Treatment Method which individualizes each patient’s treatment. According to CTCA each patient reacts differently to cancer thus an individualized approach is made for that patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses traditional methods of treatment for cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation along with other methods such as naturopathy, advanced nutrition therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, mind-body medicine and other combinations that work. All of the doctors at CTCA are specialists in the various fields of cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have hospitals in five locations, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Helping All Men

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is helping all men by the new program recently launched. This program is sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the NFL. This program is designed to help men receive a free screening for prostate cancer. All expenses are paid by the three sponsors involved in this program. All screenings will be held at a LabCorp office. There are thousands of LabCorp offices throughout the United States, so all men, ages 40+, have no excuse to not get their free screening.

The funds available will cover the first 2800 men. After this, men interested in this screening will have to pay a small fee. This program will go on from the beginning of September to the end of October. This program was actually started by several rookie players in the NFL who knew or lost someone to prostate cancer, and these players wanted to take a stand against the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is happy to work with the NFL and LabCorp on this program. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a one of a kind organization in the way it treats patients. The best example would be their integrative program that is available to all patients.

The integrative program offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America exists to go beyond the normal way of treating cancer. Most places that treat cancer give people their treatment and then send them on their way. Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes giving people their treatment is only half the battle.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America teach people how to eat the right way, how to sleep the right way, what vitamins to stay away from, and they even offer spiritual guidance. It has been proven that patients who experience integrative treatment have a 50% better chance of surviving cancer.

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Cassio Helps To Revolutionize The Music Industry In Brazil

In the field of music, Casio Audi is considered to be a legend. Cassio’s engagement in music led him to join the renowned Viper rock band. Cassio Audi was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, and he attended the Pontifical University from 1989 to 1994. Later, he joined the University of Sao Paulo where he undertook masters in Business Administration. His association with the music rock band took place before joined college.

Cassio became a very famous individual in Brazil due to his social nature. He could associate with anyone and create a strong friendship bond. Cassio was the drummer for the Viper band, which was started by two brothers Passarell and Yves. Other members of Viper were Andre Matos and Felipe. Many Brazilians loved the music produced by the musical band, and as a result, Cassio and his team were able to gain popularity quickly.

Cassio took advantage of the platform that music had offered them, and he established working relations with business managers who he met. Cassio adopted the idea of pitching songs and worked hard to ensure that it was successful. Additionally, he came up with different musical ideas that revolutionized the entire Brazilian music industry. Cassio’s talent made him famous, and his demand grew within the industry.

Viper ended up producing numerous quality songs that generated a lot of revenue for the band. Also, many awards were acquired by the group as it became number one in different competitions. As Cassio continued with his career, he realized that the financial industry in Brazil was somehow stagnating and this gave him the push to support organizations that invest in the growth of the youths.

According to Cassio Audi, it is the young people who become the leaders of tomorrow, and they need support so that they can gain the right skills required to advance the future of Brazil.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Providing Better Healthcare for Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts are launching a customized program the Clinical Pathways which is a comprehensive and customized tool that will be used in the oncology treatment platform. The program will help oncologists to identify evidence-based treatment for patients. The Clinical Pathways program integrates the use of eviti® which is a clinical decision support solution tool that allows oncologists to assess treatment regimens across a variety of metrics.
According to George Daneker, Jr the managing director and chief medical officer at CTCA Southeastern Regional Medical Center the program allows for appropriate treatment alternatives and at the same time promotes the element of accuracy among the healthcare providers as the program provides new data and oncology research.
Clinical Pathways was designed with the patient in mind and integrate the latest cancer research treatment methods into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR.
The program is quite significant as it allows for transparency in the therapeutic selection and care delivery. The clinical pathway program is a program that will boost efficiency and raise the standards of treatment and care. . Clinical Pathways program has increased the level of confidence in patients as far as treatment is concerned.
The project at its inception by the three industry players CTCA,Allscripts and NantHealth was aimed at helping patients and health providers’ benefit from clinical capabilities of an integrated solution.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was established with the aim of providing cancer care and treatment to patients around America. CTCA consists of five hospitals which are all spread in different states in the US and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.
All the five hospitals follow a comprehensive approach to care and treatment. Moreover, the hospitals use conventional means of treatment in performing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The founder of CTCA is Richard J Stephenson.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Innovative Clinical Pathways Program

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently launched a Clinical Pathways program that will assist patients and their clinical teams to select the right cancer treatment regimen. This stellar cancer treatment center has joined with Nanthealth and Allscripsts to deliver a custom-designed technological aid featuring a clinical support system containing information for informed cancer treatment options. CTCA’s Clinical Pathway program is helping cancer treatment teams and their patients better understand which cancer treatments will have the best chance at fighting each patient’s unique cancer. This innovative program is designed so that doctors are getting the necessary information without countless work interruptions. This comprehensive program holds current data for all cancer treatments.

Finally, cancer patients can now decide, with their doctor’s recommendations, which cancer treatment or combination treatments will best meet their own individual needs. Cancer Centers of America puts the patients first. This is just one example of new technology developed so that patients will have more control over their treatments. Cancer robs victims of too much. It is important that patients stay involved in their own care. This program will have all appropriate treatments on hand. It only takes a click to access the valuable information. Once again, CTCA is leading the way in personalized cancer care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Their network includes five hospitals located in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta and Philadelphia. They serve adult cancer patients, and their success rates spur people to come from all over the world. Dedicated doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff, work tirelessly to care for the cancer patients in their charge. CTCA also is involved in breakthrough cancer research. Today’s treatment options include precision care and genomic testing. CTCA won’t stop until cancer is curable. Find out if CTCA has the care you need.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy, a Man Knowledgeable in Dentistry, Fashion, and Wine

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who has spent quite a bit of time focused on dentistry, teeth, and overall oral health. He is someone who has dedicated himself to helping others take care of their mouths and their teeth. This man is not only knowledgeable in the area of dentistry, though, and he has proven that he has more to offer to the world than his dentistry services. He is someone who knows the world of wine as well as the world of fashion, and he has much advice to offer to those who are looking to learn more about either one.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who knows a lot about wine and who has tried many different types of wine. He understands the world of French wine, and he has shared some of the information that he has gleaned through the years with the rest of the world. This man believes that there are low-cost wine options out there that are just as good as the more expensive options. He thinks that there is wine out there that is priced affordably and fitting with the various tastes that different individuals have. He has taken the time to make up a list of wines that have tastes that are similar to the high profile labels but that are available at low and affordable prices. He is ready to help anyone who is looking for great wine at a low price.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who spends a lot of his time in a white coat, and he has had to learn how to make that coat look good. He understands the world of fashion well enough to offer advice to those who have to wear a white coat. This man has shared information on what he feels is appropriate under such a jacket and what he feels can help a person to look good while wearing a white coat. He feels that a dress shirt and a tie are a good option beneath a white coat, but he also feels that a turtleneck can work under that same coat. He has a variety of options that he believes help a white coat to look great, and the world can learn about fashion through him.