People in the medical field are very important to the infrastructure of society. If you think about it, they are modern day heroes who rescue lives with their services and skills. It is of the upmost importance that the individuals in this field of work are caring and very particular about their craft. Especially the surgeons who are tasked with cutting and mending human flesh, a very delicate process. A person who exemplifies all the good qualities like care and dedication that a surgeon should have is Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a man that works and specializes in plastic surgery. Working out of San Diego he is definitely well trained in his field. He was educated at Harvard University and John Hopkins University to very prestigious and cutting-edge schools. Not only is he good at his job but he has developed a reputation for being an innovator and very caring plastic surgeon. These days he is working in the gluteal augmentation segment of surgery and has made several strides in making the practice safer. In todays world the number of people receiving plastic surgery is increasing steadily and this includes gluteal augmentation. Though this is happening Mark Mofid is sticking to his morals. Typically, patients after a while want larger implants which pose a risk to safety for the patient. Most doctors will proceed to operate anyway because of financial gain but not Mark Mofid he is known for putting safety first.

Not only will he only perform under the correct conditions, but he has now made plastic surgery a bit safer. The actual implants that have been used over the years are ill compatible with human flesh and tend to sag or shift which can cause health issues or further surgery. Mofid was actually recently able to design a new implant superior to what was formerly used and is safer and more compatible with patients. This took years of research and dedication but has payed off as the new implants fit better in the intramuscular system and are more flexible with position changing. Mark Mofid is truly a professional who cares and is very serious about his craft. That is what is required for those in his position.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Plastic Surgeon With Empathy

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been doing plastic surgery for eight years. She is only one of a handful of women who practice profession in Texas. Not only is she very understanding of her females patient’s needs, Dr. Walden is also a single mother.

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch as the salutatorian of her class. In New York City, Dr. Walden built a very successful clinic. This was after completing an aesthetic fellowship at the Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. In 20ll, she returned to Austin so her sons could be closer to the family. Having enough business was a concern for Dr. Walden but once she realized that more women wanted a female doctor to tell their needs too, getting business was not a problem. One of the reasons that made her successful was her being a single mother herself. She also had some surgery done, along with Botox. She does not judge her patients and understands how the female body can be stretched out due to childbearing. Dr. Walden also does not take lightly how out of 8,100 plastic surgeons, only 851 are women. Not only that, she found that women in Austin wanted to enhance their appearance just as much as other women do from other parts of the country.

Some of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s procedures include nose jobs, augmentations of the breast, facelift, liposuction, and Botox. She also does soft tissue fillers. If anyone staying in the Austin area is in need of plastic surgery, there are options. There is no need to always choose male doctors. She is one of the women that can be trusted in getting the work done. Dr. Walden will leave her mark in the world.

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Dr. Gregory Finch – Extensive Training and Career

Dr. Gregory Finch has been perfecting his medical expertise for many years as he has been dedicated to training and studying while practicing his primary specialization. Currently, Dr. Greg Finch is practicing both orthopedic and spinal surgery.

Dr. Gregory Finch is from Australia. He currently lives and works in the city of Queensland where he is working at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital as an orthopedic spine surgeon. Dr. Greg Finch has been a part of the medical establishment for only a couple of months after he received a promotion from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. There, he had worked for a year and a half at the same position as an orthopedic spine surgeon. He is still acting at that establishment to this day. Dr. Greg Finch is also a member a few medical institutions and organizations. Some of them are the Society for Minimally invasive spine surgery (more than 7 years), the North American Spine society (more than 11 years), the Australian Orthopedic Association ( more than 11 years), The Royal Australasian College of surgeons ( more than 17 years), the New Zealand Orthopedic association (more than 20 years).

Previous employments of Dr. Greg Finch include his being part of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth for six years and the Royal Perth Hospital for five years. Dr. Greg Finch has received extensive training in the UK where he attended the Royal orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in order to receive training in Spinal surgery. He has also studied under the experts at the Shriners Hospital for children in Portland, the state of Oregon. Dr. Greg Finch studied in Germany as well and several hospitals and academic institutions in order to receive training in spinal surgery under some of the most respected doctors in the world.