Sheryl Underwood Tries and Finds Huge Success

Sheryl Underwood is a popular female artist, comedian, and actress who gained prominence in the early 1990s with a special brand of cultural comedy. Her years spent in the limelight have made weight loss and maintenance a special challenge. Ups and downs on the scale have presented roadblocks in her career, but she has never let health issues determine the degree of her success.

Recently, Sheryl Underwood decided to try the cleansing program ( Dherbs is an all-natural cleansing regimen designed from years of research regarding weight loss, nutrient balances in the body, and restorative herbal therapies. Underwood decided to start the Dherbs cleanse, and she was amazed at the initial results. The results were so astounding, she decided to proclaim her excitement about the Dherbs program on a national radio program.


Underwood began the cleanse after a tough week of touring and entertaining. She continued the cleanse throughout only one weekend. By the following Monday morning, she noticed that she had lost nearly five pounds of weight. This radical loss in only two days came from the inclusion of Dherbs supplements and very little change to her normal lifestyle.


She followed the simple cleanse detox steps, but did nothing else radical in the way of nutrition. Simple changes like increasing water intake were the only requirements, yet an amazing amount of excess weight was eliminated. Sheryl Underwood’s quick weight loss results can only be attributed to the unique formulations found in the Dherbs program. Like Underwood, anybody choosing the Dherbs cleanse system will find reasons to celebrate with significant and encouraging initial weight loss.

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