Jeunesse Global creates global buzz with its Nevo energy drink

Jeunesse Global has proven to be one of the most successful health and beauty companies to come along in the last decade. Founded by two of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the health and beauty industry, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company came storming out of the gates in 2009. Within its first year of operations, it was clear that Jeunesse Global was going big places.

Ray and Lewis had founded the company as a means to pass the time during their third try at retiring. The idle hours and lack of daily purpose soon began eating at the industrious couple, who had spent their entire careers building many successful businesses. Before long, they found themselves selling a few products out of their beautiful Florida mansion. Soon, the couple’s entrepreneurial instincts began taking over, and they found themselves dedicating more time to the building of Jeunesse. By the end of 2009, running the business had become a full-time job.

Between Ray’s ability to recruit and sell and Lewis’ skills with product development and management, Jeunesse Global began taking off like a rocket. By its fifth year of existence, the company had thousands of distributors and was selling millions of dollars in products each year. The key factor behind the company’s success has been its ability to sell its business plan and its ability to fill market niches with products that people need and desire.

One example of the company’s innovative approach to product development can be seen in its Nevo energy drink. At first glance, Nevo looks very similar to other competing brands. However, Nevo uses almost completely natural ingredients. The drink contains real fruit juices as well as green tea, guarana and yerba mate. It comes in four natural flavors. These include peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape.

Nevo has proven to be one of the company’s most popular products, selling millions of units each year. It has been particularly sought-after by customers in regions where people are conscientious about avoiding too many synthetic or over-processed foods. This has been especially true in the company’s East Asian markets, where the drink has been flying off the shelves of distributors.

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