OneLogin Compares Cybersecurity Management with the Game of Thrones

OneLogin is a cyber-security provisions organization that provides guidance and tools for cybersecurity. With branches in over 40 countries across the world, OneLogin has managed to provide the best services to their customers as they prescribe the most secure systems. Their systems offer a platform that eases access to company data for employees and employers. One Login recognizes that cyber-attacks are on the rise.

OneLogin says that cyber threats often come in the form of emails and advertisements. OneLogin allows their clients to view protection and take caution against cyber threats as a way of war. In their opinion, every member of a particular firm has the responsibility to ensure that they can identify and tackle cybersecurity problems.

OneLogin uses analogies from the movie series, Game of Thrones, to explain cybersecurity threats and management. In the analogies, the people fighting their enemies are like the security firms that maintain cybersecurity. They advise that it is important for a company to keep a record of the employees. According to OneLogin, it is best for a company’s security team to keep reviewing their employees’ details. The security team should address arising security issues, no matter how small they may seem since it is such problems that develop into major issues.

Maintaining cybersecurity should be a top priority for any company. OneLogin suggests that corporations should use security systems that are cyber-attack proof. Major cyber-attacks often occur where small cyber threats are not treated as threats but just as any minor problem. Apart from that, OneLogin suggest that firms should look into security concerns brought up by any member of that firm.

How to Manage Cyber Threats

OneLogin suggests that every organization should have sufficient resources set aside to cater for maintenance and upgrading of cybersecurity systems. The efforts taken to ensure cybersecurity should include training of employees on how to spot cyber threats. Furthermore, OneLogin encourages firms to make sure that they have proper guiding rules concerning access to a company’s databases. It is important to put in place measures such as passwords, which should be regularly changed to guarantee security.