Traveling Business Expert, Glen Wakeman, Helps Launch Starup’s

Glen Wakeman is one of the most successful executives in the United States. For more than two decades, he has shown an excellent record in serving the financial sector. He has also managed a lot of businesses and companies, and through the years, his skills and expertise in managing businesses expanded. He has a passion for starting new businesses, and he believes that the success of each business that he creates comes from him following the five pillars of performance: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Glen Wakeman founded the Nova Four believing in these five pillars, and since its foundation, the company keeps on becoming one of the fastest growing financial and investment firms in the United States.

Glen Wakeman stated that the five pillars of performance have allowed him to become a successful entrepreneur. The five pillars of performance, according to him, is essential for success and explained the role of each item.

Leadership focuses on an individual that has the goal of making his company the leading company in any industry. Through leadership, everyone working for the company’s success will be led by an individual that has the passion for succeeding. It is essential that companies would have their leaders that would drive the employees into contributing their talents and expertise for the advantage of the company. The human capital comes into place as the leader tends to oversee the needs of each member of the company. The human capital deals with the mission, vision, and strategies of the company targeted for their success. This point also develops the techniques that the company would generate to reach success in a short period. The executive is another pillar of performance which allows the company to use technology for their advantage. It also allows the people working for an organization to execute what they have learned in their past working experiences for the benefit of the company. Risk management deals with the company’s ability to turn risks into a new growth path that would take them to higher levels of success. Lastly would be governance, which is essential to keep order inside an organization.