Meet the Mindset behind D’Or Insitute of Research and Education: Jorge Moll

Different business people choose different ventures to invest in based on personal reasons. For Jorge Moll, the Founder and Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, he ventures into the medical career propelled by his compassion to help the sick. He says he always wanted to help individuals with complicated conditions that hinder them to live a quality life.

To accomplish his dream, Jorge Moll had to invest heavily in his education to acquire the required skills as well as be certified. He attended the Federal University of Rio de Janiero, where he successfully acquired his MD in Neuroscience. He later joined São Paulo University, where he acquired his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology.

The idea to begin the D’Or Insitute of Research and Education was also influenced by his passion for cultivating a culture of world-class research in his home country as well as healthcare and education (

Like any other successful individual, Jorge Moll has a typical day that he follows through his business life. He says that most of the time in his day is consumed in talking to students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other associates who represent vast organizations. He believes in exchange of ideas for results.

Jorge Moll says that as an entrepreneur, one will always have overflowing ideas. The task is, therefore, to sieve and get the most valuable and realistic ideas and go forward with them. He allows other opinions to help him choose the ideas to evaluate. He warns investors to avoid holding on to ideas for so long. He advises them to evaluate the ideas, and if that is not possible to move on to the next project.

Moll also says that he finds it imperative to question the model of his business every once in a while instead of settling for it. He explains that doing the same thing on a daily basis leads to stagnation. It is through questioning your model that you get to know other better ways to handle tasks in the business.

Besides being a successful businessman, Jorge Moll is also a family man. He says that the best $100 he has lately spent must have had something to do with his kids.