Lori Senecal Rise to the Position of Global CEO: A No Surprise

Greatness is never a product of luck. Almost all great and successful people have some special qualities that others do not have. Lori Senecal, the new global CEO at MDC agency CP+B, is a true reflection of this view.

Her leadership qualities can be traced to her childhood days. She grew up amidst three older and talented siblings. They were all close in age so were prone to compete for attention. She knew age was not on her side being the youngest. The older ones would want to prove some sort of superiority and she was never in a mood to accept that. Since they were only few years older, she decided to give her best in everything so her voice could also be heard. This pushed her to dream big and take corresponding bold actions in actualizing her lofty aspirations.

Also, Senecal benefited in living by the belief that culture possesses power needed in driving positive change. In virtually all the establishments she worked, from McCann to KBS and even at MDC, this has been her style of operation. She starts by focusing on building a culture capable of inspiring people to team up with her in pioneering a purposeful mission. The process begins with forming a big belief which must be substantiated with corresponding big actions.

When she joined KBS as President and CEO, the founders were at the point of calling it quit, and clients were in dire need of a new vision and mission. She had to find ways of capturing the imaginations of the staff and clients, and convincing them that it will be to their advantage if they stay. It is hard to analyze how this great woman got clients it done. The entrepreneurs stated amazing everybody with a range of modern specialisms under the tutelage of Senecal. They came up with Spies & Assassins for technology, Content Labs for editorial style content as well as KBS Ventures for start-up investment.

Lori Senecal new role as the Global CEO of CP+B is a well deserved honor. No one is surprised because she has what it takes. Her ever glowing qualities have been commanding international attention even as far back as 2013 when she was honored with a Quantum Leap award and named as one of the Ad Age’s Women to Watch in 2014.