Troy McQuagge Emerges the Victor in the Renowned One Planet Awards

Troy serves as a Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth group, Inc. His journey started back in 2010 when he became a member of the company. Troy directed efforts towards creating a new face of advisors in the company. His efforts and commitment led to him being named the Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth.

Troy’s character has influenced the eminent growth company towards gaining an increase in profits. This has helped distinguish the company from other companies in the competitive health sector. In his speech after being honored with the prestigious award, Troy says that he owes the success he achieved to the entire USHealth Company. This is because of the dedication of his co-employees to provide available and accessible healthcare to all its customers. The company’s efforts have led great success. This is evident since it has generated huge profits and imposed competition in the health sector under the leadership of the award-winning chairperson Troy McQuagge.

About One Planet Awards

Awards presented to winners in the One Planet platform are entitled to companies that show maturity in production and professionalism at their work. Its awards are varied widely to cover sectors such as public relations and corporate communication. One Planet offers a platform that runs around the globe leading to its popularity. Interesting to note, One Planet Awards embraces balance in gender as it rewards female entrepreneur of the year category. The company offers an open participation in each sector in line with the economy. For one to participate, they are required only to provide their details on the nomination for the awards.

Who is the USHealth GROUP?

The USHealth group mainly deals with the provision of health insurance. This insurance mainly covers cost incurred by primary enterprises and people who own young businesses in their health affairs. The company’s headquarters are located in Texas. The main aim of the company is to combine what its employees can do best with factors surrounding the market. This is done so as they can be exposed to competition and profit- making skills through marketing of insurance based products. The employees are also trained to provide satisfying services to its customers in any activity carried out by the company. For more information, follow this link.