All About Graeme Holm Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is known to have a career with 17 years of experience in the sector of financial services. He is a man who has been able to complete his accreditations across the finance, financial planning, and real estate. This is where he has dealt with the sectors for more than 10 years majoring the four banking environment, and he was embarrassed by only pushing one branded service and product offerings. What made Graeme Holm become appalled in Australia is after seeing that families there have been receiving poor deals from the financial offering institutions directly. This is what drove him to start Infinity Group Australia Pty company, where he wanted to fix the problem and change the lives of the people in Australia financially.


The Infinity group is said to have a difference when compared to the traditional broker. According to Graeme Holm, their approach is much different when compared because they have a fact where they find extensive details that are around the household expenses together with the family needs without just looking at the wants only. The organization is working with clients across multiple meetings so that to understand, get a fine tune and be able to assist the clients to implement a weekly cash-based budget for their necessities like weekly groceries, travel expenses, fuel, and entertainment.


Typically, after they have approved their application and then loan has been settled, then a traditional broker task is over but at this point is where the organization Infinity gets started. Their clients get allocated banker which will help them be able to pay their loan quickly. The company will provide a monthly performance report to all its clients which will enable them to ascertain in case they will make some adjustments for the family budget or in case their performance is still under goals of expectations. They also provide their clients with a detailed review of six months so that they can make sure that their client has succeeded and an absolute commitment to reducing the family mortgage.


It is at the Infinity company where each and every dollar is given a purpose and there is much focus on the difference which is between a need and wants and also helping the client keep an accountable to his/her goals. This is why they have been helping each client that is approaching them. So far, the company has not yet met a client that they have not been able to help. For example, Paul Gallen is among their clients yet he is an athlete and also a nanny aged 22 years who was able to purchase his second investment property.


What they believe is that credit in Australia is the enemy for an average family living in the country because most have a direct access and they spend what they have. A debit card is able to operate as a credit card which ensures families have not hyperextended the outgoings. Learn more:


Hussein Sajwani: Self-Made Real Estate Tycoon

Hussein Sajwani’s Background

Hussein is ranked #527 in Forbes’ Magazine list of world’s billionaires. In his native country, the UAE, he is ranked third. He is self-made, having amassed his fortune from businesses in the luxurious real estate and hospitality industry. Forbes values him at $3.6 billion.


Hussein was a brilliant scholar, and his efforts were rewarded when he received a scholarship to study in the USA. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. He started engaging in trade while in campus, selling time-share apartments in the UAE on the side.


Early Business Ventures

Sajwani’s first occupation after graduation was in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries, where he worked on contracts. Two years after taking the job, he resigned. He went on to start a catering business with savings from his college business.


The catering business flourished. Hussein was able to raise capital enough to start small hotels in Dubai. When the government allowed outsiders to acquire land in Dubai, Sajwani sold off a portion of his assets and used the funds to acquire an undeveloped piece of land in the Marina neighborhood.



In 2002, Hussein founded DAMAC properties. Since then, the Dubai-based company has grown into the largest real estate firm in the Middle East.


DAMAC predominantly centers on the development of deluxe residential and commercial buildings. So far, numerous properties have been put up, and others are in still in developmental stages. The company works hand-in-hand with renowned luxury brands to design the properties.


Relationship with Donald Trump.

Hussein and Trump are business partners. The two are currently funding a flagship project, named Akoya, which is worth over $6 billion and covers a vast 40 million square feet. The estate features lavish mansions and villas, with some costing as much as $9 million.

A golf course, designed by former world number one Tiger Woods, is in the works and is expected to open next year.



DAMAC continuously supports efforts to improve living standards around the world. They recently donated AED 2 million to a campaign to clothe impoverished children around the world. The grant is expected to clothe over 50,000 kids.