Sam Tabar’s Contributions to the Growth of Businesses in the Finance Sector

Sam Tabar is a business executive and the current senior officer in charge of FullCycle Energy Fund’s operational matters. Tabar is also the CIO of the prominent Awearable Apparel. Tabar is an Oxford-educated legal expert with a degree in jurisprudence.

Tabar also has a postgrad in law from Columbia Law School. He is multilingual and can speak three languages. He is skilled in management, litigation, and corporate law. Tabar is a longstanding member of the New York State Bar as well as the New York

Bar Association.

Sam Tabar’s corporate achievements and his role in various companies throughout his career, Tabar has worked for various leading law companies. While working for Skadden Law Firm, Tabar was in charge of providing legal services to clients dealing with mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and employment issues.

He also handled cases involving fund formation, investment manager agreements, and management of assets. Tabar also worked for Sparx Group/PMA as the managing director of the firm. During his tenure in this company, he managed businesses in New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Tabar played a huge role in the launch of the company’s Direct and Macro lending services.

He was also instrumental in raising over $500 million worth of equity and development for a global clientele on behalf of Sparx Group. Additionally, Tabar contributed to the introduction of roadshows across Europe and facilitated negotiation of Nikko partnership that saw Sparx Group secure $700 million. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

In 2011, Sam Tabar joined Merrill Lynch as the director and senior executive in charge of capital strategy. One of his significant achievements in this company was being ranked position one in the 2010-2011 Capital Introductions in Global Custodian Survey. At Merrill Lynch, he was able to build a team of experienced professionals who he worked closely with in activities, such as capital development and organization of conferences and events.

According to, Sam Tabar pioneered in the creation of an independent marketing intelligence platform to help peer groups and hedge funds industries. He also ascended to a partner position at the FullCycle Energy Fund.

His position in this organization has enabled him to accomplish a lot, including raising capital and forming a group of 450 prominent investors. Tabar was listed as one of the most influential finance officers by the Asset Magazine.