Chainsmokers, Reality Expressed

The duo which made up the Chainsmokers have largely been celebrated and have gone through victorious and glorious moments of fame and wealth only the aspiring artist can dream of. They have done many works which abound inside the hearts and minds of those who immerse themselves inside of the musical creations bestowed upon them by none other than the Chainsmokers themselves. In actuality while the fame and wealth is all well and good, even inspiring, the Chainsmokers are actually just normal people like anyone else on this world. What made them stand out is that they had the grit and artistry to actually put their music out there for the musical public to lay their ears on. They also work tirelessly and endlessly inside of their craft in their hearts and inside of their mental states because it takes a lot of effort and energy to stay ahead of the pack when it comes down to making and creating good and easily enjoyable audio art. The two are loved and adored for their tracks inside the realms of intimacy and romance and the people who adhere to them also adhere to the beauty that is injected into the music that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are creating to stand out as a non-conformist group to the dry and void emotionless states electronic music usually feeds the masses. Sick Boy is one of those instant classics that take people thru the journey of what it is like to undo one’s self identity when approaching the masks that others are wearing online when people put their best foot forward on their online social profiles. The consequences of participating in such cultural rituals enable the slight yet toxic mental disease known as narccissm which puts an urgent pressure of the masses to be liked and loved by masses while the mask is up online for all to see and be convinced that the mask is the real person. The Chainsmokers expose and reveal that this is not the case and that the emptiness this creates is far more devastating than the allure of having to be liked by millions.

Former Heavy Metal Musician Cassio Audi

In the mid 1980s, a band named Viper was formed when a group of teenagers from Sao Paulo Brazil decided to put their talents together and make the type of music that wasn’t that popular in their country at that time. Heavy metal music was more widely received in places like Europe and the U.S., but the members of Viper pushed forward to become innovators who brought this music genre to the South American country. The drummer of the group was a young man named Cassio Audi, who along with the rest of his group, made a debut album called Soldiers of Sunrise, and a demo called The Killera Sword.

The band became a success, but shortly after it gained popularity and airplay, Cassio Audi made an exit from it and went on to study Business Administration at Pontifical Catholic University, where he received a BA degree, and at Sao Paulo University, where he earned an MBA degree. He then started working in the financial industry at businesses like JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners. He became well-known as a real expert in the field of investment managing.

But Cassio Audi never completely left his interest in music behind. He’s stayed in contact with the remaining members of his former band over the years, and they get together every now and then to put on a concert in their hometown for fans who still enjoy listening to their songs. Although some of the members of Viper have been replaced several times since the band was first formed, most of its original members are still around. During the band’s early days, they cited that their inspiration for choosing to do heavy metal music came from listening to the music of the British heavy metal rockers of the 1970s and 1980s.

Greyhound Diaries: A Voice For The Suffering American Traveler

We are busy living our lives that we forget the plight and the struggles of our fellow brothers and sisters. Nonetheless Doug Levitt, a songwriter, artist and a former foreign correspondent is out to remind us of the challenges others face. In his project the Greyhound Diaries, Doug reveals the melancholy and the desperation of travelers living in poverty and in search of better living conditions. The diaries shows the pictures, confessions and the heart breaking stories of many Americans struggling to find a better life for themselves.

Greyhound Diaries began as a journey in 2004, with Doug Levitt traveling more than 100,000 miles in the Greyhound Bus. During his journey, he met many people and interacted with them, taking pictures and listening to their despairing stories. He later composed the stories and photos in a web series that is aired to the rest of the world to share their stories and to show Americans the sufferings of their fellow brothers and sisters, and hopes that something will be done regarding their state.

Prior to starting the Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt never knew he would end up being the voice to the poor travelers. He was foreign correspondent, working with CNN and BBC in Rwanda and Iraq. He touched on the dangers and the consequences of war before giving up his career and concentrating on his artistry. Doug always had a soft spot for the aggrieved and as much as he covered the victims of war, he realized that no one spoke on behalf of the poor people who traveled miles to seek for better living.

Doug Levitt was born in Washington D.C. He attended Cornell University and graduated with a degree in Journalism. His degree played a major role in launching the Greyhound Diaries as he used the knowledge to interact and inquire from the travelers. In addition to this the web series he has also published records, songs and writings on the Greyhound Diaries and his experiences. He uses his talents to help create awareness on the real issues that the low income earning Americans face as they try to shape up their lives.