Brown Modeling Agency: Bigger is Better in Austin

Becoming a model can be a luck of the draw, but anyone who’s ever considered pursuing this exciting path can get a step up by knowing the how-to’s of the industry.
Start networking. Get to know people in the business. Consider an exchange of goods. Donate your time to those in the field in exchange for photos is a great way to build up knowledge and experience as well as assembling a portfolio useful to show future clients, though be aware that not every client needs a portfolio. Sometimes all it takes to grab a client’s attention is a good headshot.
Modeling jobs for commercial print tend to be less rigid than the much acclaimed position of fashion model. With no restrictions on height, weight, age, gender, etc, and without the time cap of age, a job in commercial print can be a promising and fun endeavor. Though getting started may seem dubious, having an agent is a great way to put yourself out there to access a greater client pool. If you know anyone in the modeling industry, a referral from them is a great in. But what if you don’t have such connections? Submit a professionally done photo yourself. Make it simple.
Research the agencies beforehand to ensure it’s a company you’d like to represent you and your career, such as the Brown Agency in Austin, TX.
The Brown Agency is at the top of the game. Headed by Justin Brown, a former model himself, he brings to the company a coveted insight and stamina that has made this agency one worth looking at. Brown has been working with models since the days of his modeling career, leaving the position in front of the camera to become the artist behind it. It was working behind the scenes that nurtured and further developed an understanding of the industry and enabled Brown to work with numerous models, wielding their talents to get them to the next level.
Working with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, an opportunity to open an affiliated company, Wilhelmina Brown Agency was had.
The Brown Modeling Agency boasts an impressive history of prosperity that gives assurance to the brand’s credibility, the likes of which is a breath of freshness in the Austin area for those who dream of a working in modeling. Brown Agency works hard with national brands as well as the local markets to introduce local talent to a variety of new and thrilling possibilities. Additionally, just as Brown created successful models in his younger post-modeling days, the Brown Agency looks for up and coming faces to soar on to the next bigger and better adventure in modeling.