Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: Educated and Innovative

Televisa is one of the largest spanish-speaking media companies providing the public with news and entertainment. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has worked diligently and recently become CEO of Televisa. Galindo’s hard work and educational background have surely helped pave the path that has led him to this point in his career. In 1998 Porfirio Galindo received his Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, a private university located in Mexico City. Some years later, Galindo went on to attend Standford for an executive program in executive education, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research. Galindo’s education has served him well, allowing him to continuously make progress in his career.

Galindo worked for the Mexican Finance Ministry as Minister’s Chief of Staff from 2000 to 2006. It was in December of 2006 that Mr. Galindo took a position as Chief Economist at Televisa and it was here that he further refined his abilities. His ability to understand how the company could be affected by the economy made him a vital team member at Televisa. As he demonstrated his invaluable skills he then went on to become the corporate vice president of the mass media company. Galindo made a great leap when in June 2015 he took on the prestigious role of CEO which he currently holds at Televisa.

It is people like Profirio Galindo that help shape the world of news and media, delivering the type of programming that audiences look for. There is no doubt that Mr. Galindo has had so much success due to his enduring sense of work ethic. It is inspiring to see an individual accomplish so much in his lifetime. Based off what he has accomplished so far, there is no doubt that Porfirio Galindo will continue to develop greatly and continue to be recognized in his field.