Destiny Guides Jeff Aronin As He Guides Paragon

Jeff Aronin has aligned his destiny with investing valuable time and resources into innovative companies seeking medicinal breakthroughs of diseases most people will never hear of. Until, it happens to them or a loved one. Perhaps due mainly to his unique grasp of complicated research methodologies, rare disorders and personal compassion towards the patients who suffering without available treatments, Jeff has cultivated research teams with lazer focus ambitions and guided them into Bioscience and Pharmacological workhorses.


As a entrepreneurial philanthropist, he holds the CEO title of Paragon Biosciences. Paragon seeks to become the mother-ship guiding other like-minded companies that are patient-first in their ambitions towards seeking innovative medicinal solutions in the Bio-Med arena.


Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences are two such examples. Some of their accolades of research include developments geared towards treating sleep disorders, related nervous system disorders and big name diseases such as Epidermolysis Bullopa Simplex. Other companies view certain issues as unsolvable, but it’s a testament to Jeff Aronin’s personal integrity that he sees these as the only problems worth solving. As it stands now, Paragon has 13 FDA approved new medications listed for such “unsolvable” problems.


Much of this success can be attributed to Jeff Aronin’s personal experiences in his 20 years of experience both as a physician and involvement in the Biotechnology industry.


Early on, Jeff realized the value of gratitude in a patients eyes when they find they need not suffer for lack of medicinal treatments uncultivated due to the challenges of rarity in certain disorders. This is the driving force devoting his energies and attentions towards the outside of mainstream pharmacological beaten paths.


He also makes himself available in the local Chicago area, serving on the board of directors for World Business Chicago and Discover Financial Services. It’s obvious that community matters to Jeff, he involves himself in ChicagoNext as well as The Museum of Science and Industry. It will be interesting to see what develops in the future of both Paragon Biosciences and Jeff Aronin.