Thor Halvorssen, Humanitarian Since Birth

Thor Halvorssen’s humanitarian career goes all the way back to his childhood where it all started with opposing the South African Apartheid. After his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela he found himself involved full time with promoting due process and individual human rights. Halvorssen later founded the Human Rights Foundation, which devotes its time to freeing political prisoners and fighting for democracy and overall tolerance throughout Latin America, after he lost his mother when she was shot while participating in a political protest in New York in 2004. Thor also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly gathering centered around human rights.

Thor has received recognition for his work, being honored by Judith Rodin, president of University of Pennsylvania, and being presented with the Presidential Silver Medal by the Romanian leader Emil Constantinescu in 2010.

In addition to his humanitarian work, Thor is also a film producer. Thor has worked with names like Quentin Tarantino in his filmmaking career, and has produced films about various humanitarian themes like the film The Sugar Babies which focuses on human trafficking and the lives of migrant farm workers in the Dominican Republic. Thor also produced the film The Singing Revolution which is about Estonia and its struggle to gain independence from Soviet Occupation.

Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for the things he believes in , and believes that every person on earth desrves since he was a child, and continues that fight to this day through his organizations and his capable reach through filmmaking. for more.