Tips to Help With Your Tasks

If you’re anything like me it always seems like there’s so many tasks to complete but so little time. Again, like me I am sure you write to-do lists. I believe I have to-do lists to make to-do lists, or at least it feels that way. While browsing I came across a great article on Upwork covering powerful tips on getting through your to-do lists more efficiently.

The first tip covered is instead of trying to remember everything you have on your list of things to do, you’re better off writing it down. They explain that there have been studies done that psychologically you remember things better when you write them down. It triggers a phenomenon called Zeigernik Effect in your brain and causes you to remember and quickly recall the task you wrote down.

The next tip was to prepare your list in advance. As simple as it seems, this was something I never really did. I would hastily make a list the morning of my planned errands and low and behold I would get home and I would have forgotten to write something I needed to get down down. Writing your list the night before not only ensures you make a complete list, but it also allows you to make a plan for how to efficiently tackle all the tasks you have planned.

The next tip is organizing your list based on how many things you can get done in a specific area. Rather than going across town multiple times, how many things on your list can be taken care on area before moving to the next. A very straight forward tip, but how effective it is.

Next is making a note of how long each task will take you, this will make sure you are effectively using your time and it will also help keep you on track. This was one tip I really enjoyed and employ on my daily lists now.

These tips are something I know will help convert what seems like a list that you cannot overcome, into a more realistic task.