The Generous Perry Mandera

Successful businessman Perry Mandera has a huge heart and a generous spirit. This self made pioneer of the transportation industry was determined at an early point in his career to give back to the community.

Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. Through a successful business model offering an assortment of transportation services, the companies clients can save money by leveraging the “one stop” shopping mentality provided by the firm. The clients do not need to use additional companies to accomplish their transportation goals. As a result the Custom Companies has risen among the leaders of the transportation industry with annual sales exceeding $200 million and employing over three hundred workers.

As a hands on manager of his company Perry Mandera works hard to ensure that his firm demonstrates its commitment to its customers by understanding their goals and providing excellent customer service.

But Perry Mandera’s commitment does not end there. His tireless efforts to give back to the community can only be described as extraordinary. In the past, Perry has purchased coats to donate to local charities so that underprivileged children could stay warm during the winter.

Over the years Perry Madera and his company have donated tens of thousands of dollars to families without the means to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to their loved ones. These funds also allowed them to purchase holiday gifts for their children.

In addition to his direct contributions to his local neighborhoods, Perry Mandera has supported several well known and important charities including MADD, Toys for Tots, the ALS Foundation and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.

During the hurricane Katrina disaster Custom Companies Inc. took up collections and purchased much needed food and supplies. It then loaded these necessities onto its own trucks and transported them to the victims of this terrible storm in Mississippi and Louisiana.

In his spare time participates in outreach programs by coaching local teams and sponsoring Olympic athletes. He takes pleasure in organizing and financially supporting church activities. He also takes pride in mentoring young entrepreneurs by giving them sound business advice.