The Future of Blockchain, According to Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb, revered name in the programming community, has recently made a bold prediction concerning the industry that he is currently working in. As the CTO of Stellar, a blockchain company involved in the financial industry, McCaleb has the knowledge necessary to be able to speak on the future of blockchain.


In an interview conducted with CNBC, Jed McCaleb made his announcement. “In the next 10 years,” McCaleb said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain.” McCaleb is of course referring to stocks. In addition to stock trading with cryptocurrency, McCaleb believes the banking system will one day be completely interwoven with blockchain.


Blockchain has a variety of advantages over traditional banking systems. A bank holds all its records in one single location; blockchain houses its ledgers of thousands of individual machines. This makes blockchain the single most secure technology in the world today. The ledgers created by blockchain are completely unhackable.


Speaking of stocks, one blockchain company is already working to create the possibility of purchasing stocks with bitcoin. Securrency offers services that allow investors to use bitcoin to invest in the stock market.


Securrency and Stellar may be competitors, but they are completely legit companies. Due to the popularity of blockchain, dozens of fraudulent companies have popped up. Legit companies that want to become a global platform must first wade through the fraudulent companies and worked to educate customers on legitimate blockchain technology.


About Jed McCaleb


McCaleb first made a name for himself in companies like Mt. Gox, eDonkey, and Overnet.


eDonkey and Overnet are two peer to peer file sharing companies that used decentralized technology to deliver files to users. Eventually, eDonkey and Overnet merged to create one massive file sharing network.


Mt. Gox, one of McCaleb’s most innovative ventures, was the first worldwide bitcoin exchange in existence. The company started as a marketplace for gamers, but due to McCaleb’s tenacity, he transformed it into an innovative platform.


Jed McCaleb founded Stellar alongside Joyce Kim in order to bring banking services to parts of the worlds that were going without. Thanks to Stellar, people all over the world now have the option to make international transactions.

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Have you talked to your Financial Advisor about Social Security?

Social Security accounts for an average of 40% of people’s retirement income, and yet most people don’t know how the complex rules affect the amount you receive. According to David Giertz, the President Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, “Those that turn on Social Security too early, they could lose up to $300,000 over 25 years.” Financial Advisors should be talking to their clients regarding social security.

In a study conducted by Nationwide Retirement Institute, they divided 900 people over the age of 50 into three categories, future retirees (people planning to retire within 10 years), recent retirees (people retired less than 10 years) and people that have been retired for over 10 years. 86% of the future retirees failed to determine the amount of benefits they would actually receive. The biggest misconception dealt with the age the person chose to begin collecting.

Although benefits are available at the age of 62, you will receive a lower payment if you start collecting before what they consider to be the full retirement age which varies between 65 and 67 depending on your date of birth. If you also choose to continue to work while you collect you could have to pay taxes on that income. Where as any income earned after you reach the full retirement age won’t be held against you.

Many people don’t have the option to wait past 62 to start collecting, either due to lack of savings, or unforeseen health costs or problems. 37% of the retirees in the study confirmed that health problems were the main reason they are not living the retirement that had initially envisioned. If you are able to wait, maximizing your Social Security is one way to help increase your retirement income. In fact, if you are able to wait to take your benefits until your full retirement age they grow by 8 percent of the full retirement amount each year.


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