Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art was funded and started in the year 1929. Richard Stephens and his wife started the University in a small rented loft with a total of 45 students. The original name was the Academie of Advertising Art, named by Richard and Clara. Starting the year 1946, the Academy was relocated to larger building and consisted of 250 students. The son of Richard and Clara took over the University in the year 1951. Over his years of being founder, the student body went from 250 to over 5,000. Presently Elisa Stephens is President of the University. She is the granddaughter of the original founders of the Academy. Elisa continues to make the University more successful every year. The Academy of Art has a deep rooted history in the city of San Fransisco.

This University offers their students creativity and a variety of art classes. They offer a variety of programs in their Academics. There are courses that prepare you for college and demos of classes. Some students have the chance to study abroad as well. The diverse social media center is offered too. Lastly, there are the Graduate and Undergraduate degrees available for students. The wide variety of classes available is are appealing to students. All the way from acting to fine art.

The Academy of Art University was highlighted at the New York Fashion Week in September 2017. The Academy was holding its 21st showcase on the runway. Art graduates showed two collections of men’s clothing and five collections of women’s clothing. The designers put in dedication and passion in their works of art. The major fashion event was held at Skylight Clarkson Square. New York Fashion Week is the future of fashion with new creative designs every season.

The Academy of Art has teachers with a vast knowledge of design and art skills. The University’s community consists of Directors, employees, educators, and students. The Strategic Plan for the years 2016 to 2020 focuses on giving students the most creative education they can want. The University knows that the heart of the school’s success is their students

How The Multimillionaire Eric Pulier Changed The World

From Kid Wiz To Tech Biz
The tech industry has changed the world we live in dramatically leaving million and sometimes billion dollar fortunes in its wake. Among these amazing pioneers is computer savant Eric Pulier. Known for his genius throughout his childhood Pulier attended Harvard University where he turned his innate talent into the disciplined power he would use so often in his career. Pulier’s career involves the sort of subject matter award winning pictures are made of. There are million dollar corporations, cutting edge advances in technology, and even political intrigue. You couldn’t possible write a better story than the life and times of Eric Pulier.

The Midas Touch
When you create your first programs while you’re still attending elementary school you tend to develop amazing software. Reading a list of the milestones in Pulier’s career gives you a real insight into his genius. Application programming interfaces at Akana, private social networks for Starbright, and countless examples serve as testimony to the his abilities. His ventures are almost certain to generate millions and give way to new and exciting innovations, but Pulier still maintains a strong philanthropic approach to everything he does.

Shining With Starbright
The Starbright Foundation is perhaps Pulier’s favorite charity and the effort he puts towards their goals proves it. While the donations he gives the Starbright Foundation could stand alone as a wonderful philanthropic endeavor the virtual world he created for the foundation shines even bright. Starbright World, the social network he created, brought an entirely new way for chronically ill children to talk to each other. As one of the greatest examples of his ingenuity, the world’s first private social network would eventually link 75 hospitals before today’s social media was even imaginable.

No Surprises Here
He has produced innovations in so many areas of software research and kept the good of humanity in mind. Brains like his make the world go around.

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