Eric Pulier and the Role of the Entrepreneur

The early life of Eric Pulier could probably fit pretty well within a movie some day. Pulier is, of course, one of the foremost entrepreneurs within Los Angeles today. He’s an avid speaker, writer, and venture capitalist who has a particular focus on technology. Pulier is well known for many things and the best way to get to know him is through his own words. Pulier opened up through an interview in order to talk about his life, his career, and all of the things that make him work so hard.

As an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist Eric Pulier is uniquely suited to handling face to face conversations and meetings with prospective partners. In fact, this is what Pulier calls one of his greatest talents. Pulier knows how to read passion when talking to other entrepreneurs and that has allowed him to carefully focus on the type of projects that he works on. Pulier says, “I interview lots of forward thinkers and try to identify the ideas that I think have the potential to change the world.”

Working under the title of entrepreneur, Eric Pulier knew early on that he would need to have thick skin and the ability to weather dry spells. Pulier says, “I am a generally optimistic person and have always had faith in my ideas.” Pulier admits that this attitude has paid massive dividends throughout his career but doubt is still a very real part of what he does. Pulier says, “I think these struggles have pushed me as an entrepreneur.”

Back in the early ’90s the way you established your own company was massively different than it is nowadays. There weren’t instantly a million ways to network with internet like there are nowadays. Pulier’s first huge success came in the form of Digital Evolution in 1994. He had to approach marketing the company with a focus on word of mouth. Pulier learned during these times that being able to work through and persevere would be one of the most important things that he learns in Eric Pulier’s career.

When you are the head of a company you are going to undoubtedly come across times where you have to make a tough decision. Pulier’s biggest struggle has been in choosing between equally positive companies. However Pulier says, “I find the hunt incredibly rewarding.” With this kind of optimism how could you not be a success?

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How The Multimillionaire Eric Pulier Changed The World

From Kid Wiz To Tech Biz
The tech industry has changed the world we live in dramatically leaving million and sometimes billion dollar fortunes in its wake. Among these amazing pioneers is computer savant Eric Pulier. Known for his genius throughout his childhood Pulier attended Harvard University where he turned his innate talent into the disciplined power he would use so often in his career. Pulier’s career involves the sort of subject matter award winning pictures are made of. There are million dollar corporations, cutting edge advances in technology, and even political intrigue. You couldn’t possible write a better story than the life and times of Eric Pulier.

The Midas Touch
When you create your first programs while you’re still attending elementary school you tend to develop amazing software. Reading a list of the milestones in Pulier’s career gives you a real insight into his genius. Application programming interfaces at Akana, private social networks for Starbright, and countless examples serve as testimony to the his abilities. His ventures are almost certain to generate millions and give way to new and exciting innovations, but Pulier still maintains a strong philanthropic approach to everything he does.

Shining With Starbright
The Starbright Foundation is perhaps Pulier’s favorite charity and the effort he puts towards their goals proves it. While the donations he gives the Starbright Foundation could stand alone as a wonderful philanthropic endeavor the virtual world he created for the foundation shines even bright. Starbright World, the social network he created, brought an entirely new way for chronically ill children to talk to each other. As one of the greatest examples of his ingenuity, the world’s first private social network would eventually link 75 hospitals before today’s social media was even imaginable.

No Surprises Here
He has produced innovations in so many areas of software research and kept the good of humanity in mind. Brains like his make the world go around.

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