Launched by an “Idol,”Ryan Seacrest has Enough Street Cred to Make Him a Candidate for Idolizing All on His Own

You might say American Idol swam across the pond, a far-reaching reality tentacle, released from it’s British mum, “Pop Idol” and it’s actual pop, Simon Fuller. Today, the star search premise is slotted for ABC presentation. Show judges have come and gone. But, one position has been consistent. Ryan Seacrest accepted a co-host position for the original incarnation of the show and is still the host, now. To appreciate Seacrest, one should realize there’s more to Ryan then the soothing, sparkly, balance beam act he performs on “Idol;” restoring frayed contestant nerves, while stirring the passions of an audience awaiting their chance to be awed. Though Ryan Seacrest has made excellent use of his social and communication skills on Idol, he’s done so in other venues too.

In 2004, Ryan Seacrest rode a crescendo of popularity. American Idol was a fan-favorite and Seacrest a known entity. In fact, a spin-off meant to entice younger starry-eyed talent to become boy and girl groups, “Junior Idol,” emerged at this time, with Seacrest hosting, before it was ultimately called off. Ryan, remained a wanted quantity, however, becoming the host of the Internationally syndicated “American Top Forty.” radio show. Today, the show airs in conjunction with the “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” radio show, which arrived on the scene in 2017. In 2004, Ryan Seacrest also became the host for the Los Angeles KIIS morning radio show, a stomping ground of the once legendary Rick Dees.

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Seacrest is managing editor of “E News,” the result of a multi-million 2006 contract with cable company, “E.” He also launched “Ryan Seacrest Productions,” all done while keeping it “real” on Idol. 2009 saw the multi-talented Seacrest signing onto host the show again, courtesy of Core Media Group, garnering a deal that sealed his position as highest-paid host for that time. Last year, Ryan Seacrest signed on to host, “Live with Kelly (Ripa)and Ryan.” Professional personality, Ryan Seacrest also has a thumb in the pot of men’s fashion and in philanthropy, potentially proving he’s as idolized as the “American Idol” that pushed him onto our national stage. Connect with Ryan thru Facebook.

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Victoria Doramus, Setting the Trend and Market Views

Victoria Doramus is a well educated style and trend analyst with several years of experience as well. She is a focused on retail trends and sales as they pertain to today’s market. Her desire for fashion and design incomparable. She is especially focused on clothing and fashion styles and trends. She also has an eye for trendy home interior design. Victoria Doramus uses online platforms such as pinterest, tradesy and a few others to promote her sales and trendy clothing styles. To look at a page and select her items that are for sale will put the buyer in the utmost of fashion current trends.

She is also a writer and editor. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is world renowned and has worked for some impressive companies. Her editing and writing experiences have led her to some great situations and places. London is her home however, her global experience is leading her in design knowledge with writing for columns and having positions in New York and Los Angeles.

If you have an online platform that you want to sell clothing or interior home items on and need help with learning the trends then Victoria Doramus is the person to contact. She will help you determine the latest trends for marketing your item, whether it is clothing, make up, or other fashion items or for the home. Interior designs latest sales trends along with automobiles and all the accessories for the home home and car will be set when you work with Victoria Doramus. Check out Victoria Doramus’s Job History on LinkedIn.

Heather Russell Takes on a New Role at TransUnion

TransUnion recently added Russell on their team. She has been hired as the Executive Vice President and Head Legal officer. Russel is set to take over John Blenke who will retire later in the year. Her duties and responsibilities will encompass handling consumer privacy, relations with the government and all legal transactions for TransUnion. Russell will be under the supervision of Jim Peck, TransUnion’s CEO and leader. She has also been appointed to serve on the company’s management committee.

Heather Russell is an expert in legal issues and has a vast experience of working over 20 years in the international financial services industry. She acquired her law degree from the Washington College of Law at the American University. She also attended the College of William and Mary where she attained her BA in English and Biology. Before joining TransUnion, she was a partner at Buckley Sandler LLP. She was responsible for overseeing Buckley’s FinTech practices, regulatory compliance, financial institutions regulation among other things. Russell has also worked as the Chief Legal Officer at Fifth Third Bank and was a lawyer at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher& Flom LLP for more than seven years.

According to Bloomberg, Heather Russel received the Women in Business Law In-House Award in 2015 from the International Financial Law Review. Jim Peck expressed his sentiments about Russell joining his team and said that he was confident she was the best-suited person for expanding TransUnion’s strategy. Russell on her part revealed that she was excited to work with Jim’s team and provide her expertise to the company.

TransUnion is a global company which provides innovative information solutions to businesses and individuals to help them make informed choices. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has over 1400 employees. Its mission is to assist individuals to build better economies and communities.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: The New Retirement Model

Many people want to retire one day to enjoy life. However, the vast majority of people are not saving enough money to retire like they would like to. Instead, most people spend too much money and end up with significant amounts of consumer debt. Anyone who wants to retire should plan and invest their money. But investing can be difficult.

Working with a wealth manager can help people get more organized and focused on their finances. HCR Wealth Advisors is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to work with a registered investment advisory firm which can help them reach financial goals.

Saving Enough

The biggest obstacle preventing people from retiring is merely saving enough money. When a person starts saving young, they have to dedicate a much smaller percentage of their overall income to retirement. However, most people wait until they are in the middle of their life to begin saving. This is the wrong approach to take for people who want to become financially successful.


When people think of retirement, they often envision relaxing on a beach or sitting by a pool. However, retirement has many other forms that people can utilize. For example, some people decide to retire earlier in life but work on the side. Working a side gig can be a viable option for people who want to escape the corporate world. By earning a small amount each week, a person can drastically reduce the amount of money they need to retire.

Many people have shown interest in investing for the future. Now is the time to start planning and investing to reach various goals.


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Jed McCaleb- CEO of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a longtime developer in the cryptocurrency industry. He is a believer in that cryptocurrency will change the way we do business today. Cryptocurrency technology will change the way payments are made globally as well as changing the stock markets. Everything will no longer be done in the same way we have been doing it. There is a change in near future, and it will become evident as we move on.

McCaleb has been part of some of the biggest cryptocurrencies organizations in the world. He is popularly known for his role in Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. With his reputation in the industry, he is currently the CEO of Stellar, a company that is developing cryptocurrency networks to facilitate cryptocurrency payments. We are moving closer to realizing a fully accepted payment system which will allow consumers to pay for goods and services through cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology which is behind the advent of the digital currencies will soon become widespread facilitating payments all over the world.

According to Jed, he is hopeful that in the near future, there will be a payment system that will be universal and on top of it, allow people to use the other currencies still just like they have been doing. The blockchain technology will make it possible for the creation of a public ledger that will not be altered arbitrarily. Stellar is working on providing solutions to the payment system. The company is in the prices of developing payments networks that will allow easy exchange of digital currencies with other currencies such as the euros and dollars. IBM is using the network developed by Stellar to build a cross-border system that will incorporate some big banks.

Jed McCaleb is also hopeful that even noncrypto assets will be digitized and used on the same networks. The stock market will soon be part of the networks being created by Stellar. Already many startups are trying to connect the traditional financial market with the digital tokens. The aim is to decentralize the markets.

Jed McCaleb was the founder of Mt. Gox bitcoin which he sold to Mark Karpeles. It was later hacked under the new owner and filed for bankruptcy. McCaleb is also the founder of Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency. He, however, disagreed with Ripple and eventually moved on to start Stellar.

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Shervin Pishevar on the Bitcoin

A medical professional, Shervin Pishevar is also an Iranian-American entrepreneur. He was born in Tehran, Iran in 1974. Shervin Pishevar is the son of Eshrat Pishevar and Abraham Pishevar. His father was a television and radio executive. Abraham fled Iran after Khomeini; the then ruler of Iran placed him on his execution list after a broadcast he made for foreigners to leave Iran. Shervin Pishevar attended the Montgomery Blair High School which is a math and science magnate school. Being an angel investor, Shervin has helped start up a total of more than 60 corporations. As the managing director of Menlo Ventures, he steered investments in Machine Zone, Tumblr, Warby Parker and Uber Series B. He served five years as the strategic advisor as well as the board advisor for Uber.

An entrepreneur himself, Shervin Pishevar expresses the ability of industrialists to raise money in whichever way they want. Digital currencies are offering a foundation for entrepreneurship expansion. The choice of currency is the thrusting force into enlarging small corporations which in turn shoots the American economy forward. Cryptocurrencies is a wave that’s by far fueled by the Bitcoin. It gives it the priority while investors seem to analyze at the bull market analysis. The flea market is becoming essential transversely businesses for of its prospective to reform the world. As we look their ability to sustain modern life, cryptocurrencies are incomparable to commodities.

In his argument, Shervin Pishevar forecasted the possibility of prices on commodities falling sharply at the beginning of 2018 financial year as the Bitcoin cryptocurrency market rises. The adoption of cryptocurrencies has a great way to go as crypto enthusiasts have put across. Also, they have argued that for it to be a real market, it cannot blindly trail the ups and downs of the Bitcoin. In fact, many investors tend to believe that only when cryptocurrencies are in use as an intermediary for disbursements and acquisitions that it can become an actual market. In conclusion, the stability of the Bitcoin should be given the priority in comparison to it being dominant over the other cryptocurrencies.

Market America: Global Leader in Marketing and Online Shopping

Market America is the company leading the charge in providing financial success for independent distributors, entrepreneurs, and those looking to establish their own company. Market America is committed to helping independent workers with all their business and financial needs. The company provides the tools needed to establish a standard operating system using state-of-the-art marketing tools.

Founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger and his wife Loren, has been offering a variety of products and services these past few decades. From jewelry and personal care items to cosmetics and household cleaning supplies, Market America has helped to shape and build today’s current online retail industry.

Specializing in one-to-one marketing, this company takes exceptional pride in its mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to acquire a stable income, while also providing exceptional online shopping experiences.

Market America’s online marketplace, is one of the largest retailers online. It’s offering of over 35 million products and services, means it’s also one of the most diverse retailers out there. And it’s not hard understanding why. Its business model combines personalized marketing with the inescapable power of the Internet.

This fusion of smart strategy and widespread access has created a very lucrative site with a strong backing. It’s no wonder people are turning to this company to help them make their dreams come true.

Market America’s Independent Distributors and UnFranchise members have seen sales that some would consider impossible. Recent figures suggest that has generated nearly $7.3 billion in sales, while distributors and UnFranchise members have earned almost $2.4 billion in commission.

Market America’s reach isn’t just domestic, in fact, the success of the company has expanded globally with operations taking place in Mexico, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

This incredible company is showing no signs of slowing down. Their mission to offer the best marketing tools to help expand brand recognition is changing the world for both consumers and entrepreneurs.

Their approach is designed to guarantee success, stability, and worldwide reach beyond anyone’s expectations. Don’t miss this chance to join a global leader in online retail and establish a solid foundation for any business.

GreenSky Credit and a Capable Founder

David Zalik is the founder of a company that’s known as GreenSky. He’s the firm’s organized and driven Chief Executive Officer as well. GreenSky has brought financial institutions and banks together. David Zalik created a total of three companies  prior to establishing GreenSky. Investors believe that he has a value that tops $3.5 billion. Fifth Third Bancorp is an example of an investor that makes that estimate. GreenSky is a business that has been able to reach well over one million individuals out there.

David Zalik has done immensely well for himself so far. His glory began while he was extremely youthful, too. He’s a math genius of sorts who actually skipped his high school education. He started taking classes at Auburn University when he was merely 14 years in age. Mathematics was his focal point at the school. He inherited his adoration of the topic from his father. David Zalik established a company that was called MicroTech Information Systems  not long after his time in college commenced. He did so while he was just a bright-eyed freshman. MicroTech Information Systems put together computers. Once it did that, it completed sales with all kinds of students.

David Zalik resides in Atlanta in Georgia at the moment. He’s presently at the helm of GreenSky. This business puts its attention on mobile credit matters. It’s collaborating with financial institutions as means of making it easier for individuals to secure loans. Zalik indicates that the company collaborates with merchant retailers to give the public quick and hassle-free promotional credit. It gets assistance from 17,000 respected retailers.

David Zalik is in his early forties right now. He’s equipped with guidance and tips that can aim the aspiring entrepreneurs of the world. He encourages teenagers to seek assistance from talented and knowledgeable mentors. He thinks that young adults who are in their twenties need to understand their identities perfectly. He believes that entrepreneurs who are in their third decades of life need to have self-esteem. He wants them to trust the feelings that come naturally to them. He also wants them to give other thought approaches chances.

Robert Deignan: The Entrepreneur Behind Inbound Call Experts

When it comes to businesses, Robert Deignan is a name that a lot of people are familiar with. As the leader to Inbound Call Experts, or ICE, he has helped the company take on several well-known ventures that have improved the work that is being done. Currently, Robert Deignan stands as the CEO of the company and has helped the company partake in numerous successful ventures that improve the workings of the company as a whole. Using his experience, he has been able to guide the company efficiently as it moves through the sector and takes on more developments.

Having worked with business for several years, Robert Deignan has gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to the field. The work that he has been able to do has improved over the years and is something that has also contributed to the growth of the businesses that he has helped develop.

Inbound Call Experts has come to be known as a leader in the field because of the leadership that Inbound Call Experts has provided them with. The company has received an incredible amount of recognition for the work that it is doing and for the endeavors that it has taken on. As the leader of a company of this size, Robert Deignan has focused not only on its development but the satisfaction of the clients coming to them as well. Through a number of positive business practices, Robert Deignan has helped the company become the notable name that it is today.

A lot of the work that Robert Deignan has been able to do is because of the educational qualifications that he possesses. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, which is why he decided to pursue a degree in business management. He attained this degree from Purdue University, which is an incredibly prestigious business school. This was a good stepping stone for Robert Deignan and gave him the knowledge that he needed to be able to start up his business ventures and lead them towards a successful position within the industries that they are in.


Dr. Mark McKenna started working and saving up for the real estate business while he was still in medical school at Tulane University. He used his acquired physician skills to get some extra cash which he entirely put in his business.

McKenna was based in New Orleans at the time, and his business made huge profits. His company brought in a little over half a million dollars in a year. The firm helped the residents of New Orleans a lot especially after the hurricane Katrina hit. It made a point of buying properties, renovating them and later selling them to willing investors who in turn provided housing to the people in the area at very affordable rates.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to move to Atlanta in search of better business and for personal reasons as well. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with OVME. The major thing with OVME is that it was to incorporate medical aesthetics and the most recent technology available with a goal of not only improving the quality of services and products but having the upper hand with the help of technology to restructure health care.

McKenna’s status and prowess are well known, and he is celebrated for it by his patients. This is because he has time and again advocated for those wishing to minimize and even remove risks through the use of procedures that hardly interfere with the internal structure of a patient’s body.

McKenna is trusted because of his experience that spans over twenty years. He has his attention on open practices that will make the final results come out as the best.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently focusing on the new technology that is present in his field of work, and he is also passionate about abandoning the old practices where patients are attended to with the same procedure, and yet each one of them is different.

OVME offers a range of services, for instance, Botox treatment, dermal fillers, and looks to treat hair loss especially in men. They have also included a new way to help patients manage their weight by testing their DNA.